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Instructions for Dandruff treatment

Dandruff is nothing but dead skin mixed with sebum (normal oil secreted from scalp) and fungus (malessezia furfur). This fungus is normally found on healthy scalp . Growth of fungus leads to more dead skin, acidic pH and more white flakes.
White flakes can be either loose i.e whenever combing or fingers are waved in hair white powder or flakes start coming out of scalp and can be seen over eyebrows, moustache and beard. In some severe cases we can see

fungus growth over back of chest and scalp too.
How to control the fungus

Combing daily in morning with firm pressure before getting out of bed.

Think of coming as if your brooming your courtyard. Try to remove as much durt as possible with the help of comb. Remember you need not be very gentle and you need not be very harsh also. Your pressure should be firm enough to remove the dead fungus only.

While taking bath take due consideration that as far as possible use soft water to wash your head. If you are not able to get soft water than keep a bucket of water overnight in the bathroom undisturbed and next day use upper to 2 to 3 litres of water to wash

your head without disturbing rest of the water in bucket

Use anti dandruff shampoo as instructed.

If you have been instructed to use only shampoo then keep that shampoo on your scalp for at least 20 minutes before head wash and then wash and rinse your head. For additional benefit you can use new gro chemical free shampoo to wash your head prior to anti dandruff shampoo.if you have been suggested to use a lotion along with shampoo then it is advised that apply lotion at night time and add 10 to 12 drops of lemon to that lotion while applying on the scalp. Keep that lotion overnight on the scalp and next day morning wash as suggested with anti dandruff shampoo. Remember if you are suffering from hair loss thenhair loss serum must have been told to you. In that case first apply and the hair loss serum and wait for approximately 30 minutes and over that serum without washing apply and dandruff lotion overnight next day morning wash it with the shampoo as suggested.

  1. As I have already explain that dandruff is nothing but collection of your secreted hair serum naturally along with fungus and dead skin. So it is always advisable not to use routine hair oils while you are treating your dandruff issue. Unless and until you are facing breakage of hair due to dry and brittle hair strands don’t use oil. In case of extreme dryness and roughness of hair you can do to availing after 1 hour of applying anti hair fall serum in spite of applying anti dandruff lotion.
  2. Frequency of use for anti dandruff treatment.
    If you are having severe dandruff that is firmly adherent or attached to your scalp in form of hard layer, then you need to use initial lotion along with morning shampoo almost daily. Once the dandruff condition is under control and only flakes of dandruff the

present on the hair strands then you can reduce frequency to 2 days. Give break of two days between application of anti dandruff treatment.
Most important point to remember while treating dandruff is that, dandruff is not a skin disease particularly,we can consider dandruff to be a lifestyle disease that can be a result of our unhealthy eating, stressful conditions and poor hygiene of the scalp. So modify and lifestyle can be of much greater help as compared to changing medications repeatedly or shifting from one doctor to other.
It may not be possible to eradicate dandruff completely but it is very much possible to control the dandruff. After the initial treatment for 3 to 4 months you may increase or decrease the frequency of anti dandruff treatment depending upon the control you have achieved. It may not be possible to completely stop the treatment and stay seborrbea free.

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