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General instructions for hair fall

             Instructions for use of medicines .

Once you get up in morning first thing you should do is to comb or brush or comb your scalp. Hair brush or round comb is preferably used. As there are multiple bristles ,one stroke means lots of strokes on scalp. Do approx 20 to 25 strokes before getting out of bed.

2. Taking bath.       

Preferably  use soft water to clean your scalp. Use sles and sls free shampoo. If there is dandruff or seborrhea than Instructions are different. Check out the relevant section.
After bath it’s mandatory to dry up the scalp . You can use a hair dryer or a cotton towel to dry the scalp. Once the scalp is dry apply serum as advised.

1 ML. of serum is to be applied over the scalp. Use 2 fingers to spread the serum all over the scalp. If not told specifically than apply serum only on top of scalp.

Once dry … comb and than continue with your day.
At night before going to bed again take the comb do 20 strokes and apply serum on same area. Go to sleep and repeat next day.

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