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Eyebrow Hair Transplant In Punjab

Eyebrow Hair Transplant In Punjab – As we all agree, eyebrows are a very crucial aspect of the face and well-groomed eyebrows can highlight one best facial features, especially the eyes.  If you are looking for the Top Eyebrow Hair Transplant In Punjab, you don’t need to look further because you are already in the right place.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant In Punjab

In the eyebrow hair transplant procedure, the doctor uses hair from donating area of your body. After that hairs are transplanted to the eyebrow section in your desired shape one by one. The whole treatment of hair transplantation is performed under local anaesthesia. Apart from this, the therapy is minimally-invasive and carries very less chances of scar formation. After the transplant surgery, you can see the results within a couple of months. Well, If you are seeking the Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant In Punjab, then Neograft Hair Clinic is the best place for you. Dr Nav Vikram is a very experienced surgeon who has worked in this field for several years.

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What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

This is a permanent cosmetic procedure that makes your eyebrows appear fuller or replaces hair that’s been lost. A surgeon will complete this method using scalp or hair grafts to replace your current eyebrow hair. Sometimes peoples lose their eyebrows just because of some specific reasons and they looking for a permanent solution for their eyebrows. Here are some reasons for the loss of eyebrows that are given below:

  • Genetic reasons
  • Some congenital problem
  • Damaged eyebrows due to accident, some burns, chemical as well as electrical scars
  • A side effect of radiation or chemotherapy
  • Disorder of the immune system
  • Extensive plucking of eyebrow hair
  • Age effects

What are the Advantages of Getting An Eyebrow Transplant?

  • Thick Eyebrows
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Improved Facial Expression
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Hassle-Free
  • A permanent solution
  • Hide scars and burn marks
  • Freedom from regular threading
  • Enhancement in overall shape and length
  • Extremely natural-looking results

Some Information about Punjab: Popular State of India

Punjab is a state bordering Pakistan and is the heart of India’s Sikh community. This is a land of great saints and fighters and a place of Sikhism. Punjab ranked foremost in GDP per capita amongst Indian states in 1981 and fourth in the year 2001. As per the Aadhar Statistics, the estimated current population of this state is approx. 29.61 million.

According to the population of Punjab, there are large numbers of people living and in which there are multiple peoples that are trouble with their eyebrows. If you are planning eyebrow transplantation and seeking the best doctor then Neograft Hair Clinic is one of the Top Eyebrow Transplant Surgeons in Punjab. If you want to know more about us and our services then contact us now.

Why Do Peoples Choose us as a Top Eyebrow Hair Transplant Clinic in Punjab | Neograft Hair Clinic?

Neograft Hair Clinic is the Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Punjab that takes hair from another part of the body and transplants it to the brow area. We understand eyes can make the person an attention seeker and effective eyebrows can count to the beauty of eyes as eyebrows outline your eyes. Apart from this, if you are not maintaining sufficient hair or eyebrows then there is no need to stress about it.

Neograft Hair Clinic is an experienced surgeon that performs eyebrow hair transplant in an excellent manner to repair the natural look of brows that was harmed due to plucking or some kind of scars. The Eyebrow Transplant  Cost in Punjab starts from approx. INR 30,000 to 65,000. The exact price depends on various factors like individual needs, location, doctor experience and many more. Dr Nav Vikram is a very experienced and serving their services in Tricity last 12 years at the best prices.

  • Affordable charges
  • Deliver safe services
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Qualified Doctor
  • Co-operative Staff
  • Face-to-Face Consultation
  • Feel like Home Services

Services Offered by Neograft Hair Clinic:

  • Hair transplant
  • Scalp micro pigmentation
  • growth factor treatment
  • GFC
  • Female hair transplant
  • Eyebrow and eyelash transplant
  • Beard reconstruction

Contact Details of Neograft Hair Clinic:

Name – Neograft Hair Clinic

Phone Number – 9041999199

Address –  SCO 3009 – 3010 Sector 22 D, Chandigarh

Email Address –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which is the Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant Centre in Punjab?

Answer. Neograft Hair Clinic is the Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant Centre in Punjab.

Question 2. Can Neograft Hair Clinic cover all the locations in Punjab?

Answer. Of course yes, Neograft Hair Clinic covers all the locations in Punjab.

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