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Hair transplant in Chandigarh with best results

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The reason is simple, approx 60 percent of men and 80 percent of women suffer hair loss at some point in a lifetime ?  Hair loss, hair thinning, male pattern baldness, receding hairline are some of the concerns which can be easily corrected with hair transplant

best clinic for hair transplant chandigarh india

Dr  Nav Vikram, a reputed hair transplant specialist in Chandigarh is founder director of Neograft hair clinic, which was established in 2010. Dr Nav Vikram is graduate and post graduate from prestigious  P.G.I Rohtak. During his residency in plastic surgery he developed a passion for hair transplant and there after he chose particularly hair transplant as a career option. Now he is  famous for affordable hair treatments, hair transplant in Chandigarh. He is a full time hair treatment consultant doing mainly FUE hair transplants in his setup. His dedicated hair transplant staff is trained, guided and motivated  by himself. He has an artistic bent of mind since beginning. Hairline designing is an art and  needless to say, when it comes to Hair transplant no one can match sincerity and in depth involvement of Dr Nav Vikram in the hair treatment procedures. His projection of hair transplant results match exactly with the client’s perception and imagination. His simplicity and straightforward nature has won him clients from across the globe.


Welcome to one of the best clinics for hair transplant in India. Neograft hair clinic was founded in year 2010 by Dr Nav Vikram who is a renowned Hair transplant expert. Hair transplant is an art and team Neograft understand this. Hair line creation, density distribution, direction of hair needs an in-depth involvement of a surgeon as an artist who has to beautifully create a marvelous masterpiece out of a blank canvas.

Our team at Neograft is dedicated team of hard working technicians and they have been personally trained by Dr Nav Vikram himself. Rigorous training protocols and personally motivated staff has made it possible for us to deliver consistent results over almost 8 years which can be seen in the results sections. Our results are a proof of our endeavour towards excellence and truthful efforts we put in to each and every client.This has helped us achieve a reputation of best highly skilled professionals in the field of hair transplant .

We believe in professional secrecy. Right from the moment you are received at clinic by clinic manager till the end of procedure you will feel a personal touch and confidence of being in right hands. Your direct interaction with doctor assists you in gaining confidence and taking a decision to move ahead. Our transparent approach and practical explanation of projected results help you visualize how exactly you are going to look post transplant.

Hair loss and baldness is a serious setback to one’s personal and social life. Fortunately we have a cure for that. Fue hair transplant is the only way to get back the lost follicles. Although in earlier stages our innovation “neoprp”is quite effective. Initial stages of hair fall upto norwood stage 3 with diffuse decrease in density is ideal situation for neoprp.

Hair transplant surgeries are done with various techniques but Fue is the proven and most scientific surgical treatment option for success Full outcome. Many clinics are still using other methods to do hair transplant but at Neograft we keep ourself updated to latest techniques so that we carry forward our legacy of best results. Broadly speaking in Fue hair transplant we take out each hair follicle from Donor area may it be scalp, beard, or other body parts, Individually and than after segregation we place each hair follicle or hair root in its desired place and in a desired natural direction. Depending upon the thick of roots the size of extraction punches is decided, it can vary from 0.7 mm to 0.9 mm. Small size punches and proper depth selection leads to speedy and healthy recovery of both Donor and recipient area. It can be well understood how precise and painstaking procedure Fue hair transplant is. Results of hair transplant entirely depend upon the precision and seriousness at part of operating doctor nurses and technical staff. Need less to say Dr Nav Vikram has passion for his work. Each and every client is Individually evaluated for hair transplant. Strategy is formulated by Dr Nav Vikram for every client and is carried forward by team members during transplant. Our planning and meticulous calculations are reflected in our clear and natural results.

Sanitation and sterilization is strictly practiced during the procedure of hair transplant. There are absolutely nil chances of any cross Infection or side effects during hair transplant at Neograft Hair clinic.

Journey after hair transplant is not that smooth emotionally. You always feel worried, weather hair are going to come out and grow or not. For initial 4 months client are mostly speculative about growth, this is the time when you need your doctor the most. For us at Neograft, hair transplant in Chandigarh is not a single day affair. Our togetherness and relationship with our client as a part of family starts on the day of transplant and this togetherness lasts for life. Our dedicated efforts toward transplant reflects around 8 to 10 months when the make over is complete. Even after Full satisfaction of our clients we make sure to explain do’s and don’ts and try to follow up gently with maintenance of results.

Our dedicated artwork in form of hair transplant has won our clinic applause from across the globe. Neograft stands as a first choice clinic for foreign clients who visit India and want to get their hair transplant done. Quality of results at very competitive cost as compared to Western and European countries has made India a prominent destination for Fue hair transplant. Neograft stands at number 1 place over all, may it be results, ease of process, or cost involved. We deliver artistic results at low cost.

Dr Nav Vikram at Neo graft hair transplant Chandigarh assures best quality hair transplant .Welcome to one of the best clinics for hair transplant in India. Neograft hair clinic was founded in year 2010 by Dr Nav Vikram who is a renowned Hair transplant expert. Hair transplant is an art and team Neograft understand this. Hair line creation, density distribution, direction of hair needs an in-depth involvement of a surgeon as an artist who has to beautifully create a marvelous masterpiece out of a blank canvas.


Hair transplant

Searching for the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula, well Neograft Hair Clinic is for you. Hair transplant remains the best reliable option to get it your long-lasting hair back. The hair transplant Technique was innovated in the year 1949 by a Japanese doctor. Since then there has been continuous improvement in the technique and the results of hair transplant. In earlier days f u t hair transplant was popular in which full strip of skin was taken from the donor area and Extracted individually one by one from the strip of skin. These separated hair roots were then inserted into small slits On the bald area.
Now F U E hair transplant is the main technique that is followed world over and is giving promising results along with near-natural density. It’s not easy to find out the best hair transplant clinic at any location. Simply typing hair transplant in Google search bar will show multiple results for the city. It becomes very difficult for a person to choose a reliable and trustworthy clinic. So online research  for reviews, live surgery, results, and most important is genuine feedback from doctor live at his consultation chamber .

              Broadly speaking hair transplant is of 2 types, FUT and FUE.

FUT hair transplant

F u t Hair transplant Chandigarh

which is an abbreviated form of follicle unit transfer. We do fue by taking full-thickness skin strip from the back of the head, usually called the donor area. Space left behind is covered with the help of stitches placed between upper and lower skin ends.

FUE hair transplant

F u e transplant in Chandigarh


which is an abbreviated form of follicle unit extraction. we do fue by taking hair roots one by one from the donor area. Hair roots are collected one each at a time. 

Hair plantation

The process of plantation in the bald area is the same in both F U E and F U T hair transplant. We make slits or small holes in the bald area according to the desired density and direction for transplanted hair. 

World-class hair transplant in Chandigarh is offered by Neograft Chandigarh located in sector 22 D. We at Neograft are offering world-class f u e hair transplant with best results. Ranked among the top 5 best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh, neo graft is owned by Dr. Nav Vikram. He has to his repute many pieces of research and innovations in fue hair transplant. His latest innovation Neoplatinum is attracting hair transplant seekers from all corners of the world, who want to get a hair transplant in Chandigarh.

Neograft hair transplant chandigarh is offering 3 main services for hair revival

hair transplant

If you are searching for the best hair transplant clinics in Chandigarh than opt for neograft hair clinic

 Neograft hair clinic ranks among top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics Chandigarh Punjab India. Neograft hair clinic was established  in year 2010 by Dr Nav Vikram who is a renowned hair transplant surgeon at Chandigarh. 

At Neograft we offer best treatment for hair loss, hair restoration, hair transplant at affordable price. 

Hair transplant is an art and team Neograft understands this. 

Its very important  to evaluate: 

  • whether  transplant is possible or not 
  • How much area can be covered?
  • Hairline creation.
  • Density distribution
  • The direction of the hair,

 All these aspects need an in-depth involvement of a surgeon as an artist who has to beautifully create a marvelous masterpiece out of a blank canvas. Needless to say, the choice of an experienced clinic is the first important decision that can make or break your own confidence. So choose wisely…

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hair treatments

Initial phases of baldness are tackled with the help of different strategies. At neograft hair transplant clinic, we are offering consultations for hair fall, hair thinning gradual hair loss, alopecia, dandruff, seborrhea, scalp psoriasis, and other associated disorders

Few words about these treatments
prp is an abbreviation for platelet-rich plasma. we take whole blood, separate platelets from it and reinject these platelets at the hair root level
Mesotherapy: In mesotherapy for hair fall, direct injection of vital nutrients is placed at the level of hair roots. stops hair fall in the early stages.
Low-level laser light therapy: Diode laser light is exposed to the scalp for short duration per week. Combs and helmets are available too. Good for maintainence of hair once we have achieved stability in hair fall.

scalp micropigmentation

SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION can be explained in simple terms As placement of small dot on the scalp so that the see-through effect is minimized.

 There is cosmetic improvement in the hair density. Scalp micro pigmentation should not be confused with the routine tattoo. Scalp micro-pigmentation needs much more artistic hands  as compared to  tattoo. In S.M.P. dots we place very tiny dots matching the thickness and the colour of existing hair. We match distribution of dots  accurately with the natural distribution of hair. Density of dots from front to back are  placed in such a way that they give the appearance of a shaved head. Micro-pigmentation from a tattoo artist or novice is not a good idea.

Bio inks used in scalp micropigmentation are carbon based inks. There are no allergic reactions reported so far with certified bio inks. on an average we need approx 5 to 6 hours to cover complete scalp with scalp micropigmentation  in chandigarh. 

we may need 2 to 3 sessions for complete density as per the desired requirement. But most of the cases are covered in single session. 



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