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Dr  Nav Vikram, a reputed hair transplant specialist in Chandigarh is founder director of Neograft hair clinic, which was established in 2010. Dr Nav Vikram is graduate and post graduate from prestigious  P.G.I Rohtak. During his residency in plastic surgery he developed a passion for hair transplant and there after he chose particularly hair transplant as a career option and now become famous for affordable hair treatments, hair transplant in Chandigarh. He is a full time hair treatment consultant doing mainly FUE hair transplants in his setup. His dedicated hair transplant staff staff is trained and guided by himself. He has an artistic bent of mind since beginning. Hairline designing is an art and  needless to say, when it comes to Hair transplant no one can match sincerity and in depth involvement of Dr Nav Vikram in the hair treatment procedures. His projection of hair transplant results match exactly with the client’s perception and imagination. His simplicity and straightforward nature has won him clients from across the globe.

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Hair loss

It all starts with hair loss. There can be many reasons for hair loss and hair loss cure who is the most search keyword on Google. When we talk of hair loss there can be multiple reasons starting from an inadequate diet, inappropriate diet lack of exercise excessive stress and too much of work. Especially in youngsters who have recently joined A new company are always under stress and are chasing targets, most IT professionals fall in this category and they suffer from acute hair loss. Same is the scenario with youngsters who are preparing for some or other kind of competitive exams. There is no coordination of sleep food intake and exercise. Then there can be another scenario where genetic has started taking its toll. Let us discuss these factors one by one.

Diet and hair loss

Diet has a definite role to play as far as hair loss is concerned. Hair actually is a dead extension of the skin and is made of proteins. Keratin is the main protein which is present in hair and forms the backbone of the hair shaft. If there is a lack of dietary protein intake other due to bad eating habits, sudden weight loss, any intestinal disease leading to malabsorption of dietary proteins. In all of the above situations, We have observed clinically that hair are very thin brittle and colorless. This shows the importance of protein in Diet. In addition to Protein, many other microelements like Copper magnesium Selenium sulfur manganese iron are also required in minimal quantities for the proper health of hair

My advise 

Based upon my experience of 10 years I have formulated a diet plan which can help most of the youngsters fighting with hair loss.

1. one milligram per kg body weight of protein should be consumed daily.

2. Cold drinks, packed fruit juices, energy drinks foods made of refined flour normally called Maida, lead to a sudden increase in Glucocorticoids in the body which are very detrimental for the hair health. So show any food that leads to a sudden increase in blood sugar should be avoided.

3. Jaggery or Gur is a time tested iron supplement which is available almost everywhere so in case of non-diabetic people 10 to 20 grams of good or jaggery should be consumed daily preferably in the lunchtime.

4. Dark green-colored vegetables like carrot leaves, Spinach, and alike should be consumed at least 3 times a week in the salad.

5. Sprouts with Sufficient length of around 1 centimeter are full in proteins and many vitamin B complexes. Three times a week consumption of such sprouts can take care of many microelements.

6. Sufficient intake of water Detox your body on a continuous basis and leads to a decrease in the build-up of stress hormones in the body.

7. Any good multivitamin tablet like new grow, Keraglo ad, etc. can be consumed 3 to 4 times a week in case if the above dietary modifications are beyond the scope.

8. Last but not the least application of coconut oil once a week before going to bed and washing next day morning with the mild shampoo also helps a lot to moisturize the hair and trap moisture inside the hair shafts.

Stress and hair loss

When we are under stress of any kind. Either physical or mental leads to an increase in circulating fight or flight hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine. Raise the level of these hormones leads to Rapid turnover of skin cells. Heaps of dead cells then accumulate over the scalp attracting a lot of fungus and bacteria. Excreta of this microflora leads to decreased pH on the scalp surface. In this milieu of acidic PH, the cells of hair root show abnormal growth leading to the weakness of the route and detaching it from the growing end of the germinal epithelium.

My advice

I advise all my clients to at least meditate for 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis. Running jogging skipping or any kind of strenuous physical activity works as good as meditation and helps the body encountering the stress hormone. Yoga, in particular, has shown promising results in reducing the stress hormones. Hair loss decreases a great extent within 15 to 20 days if it is due to stress and corrective measures are taken accordingly.


Hair transplant 

Searching for the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula, well Neograft Hair Clinic is for you. Hair transplant remains the best reliable option to get it your long-lasting hair back. The hair transplant Technique was innovated in the year 1949 by a Japanese doctor. Since then there has been continuous improvement in the technique and the results of hair transplant. In earlier days f u t hair transplant was popular in which full strip of skin was taken from the donor area and Extracted individually one by one from the strip of skin. These separated hair roots were then inserted into small slits On the bald area.

Now F U E hair transplant is the main technique that is followed world over and is giving promising results along with near-natural density. It’s not easy to find out the best hair transplant clinic at any location. Simply typing hair transplant in Google search bar will show multiple results for the city it becomes very difficult for a person to choose a reliable and trustworthy clinic.

Neograft hair transplant clinic Chandigarh was established 10 years back and has earned the reputation of being the most honest and trustworthy hair transplant clinic. In this blog, you will find valuable resources regarding hair transplant the latest innovations and the best strategy to follow before zeroing in on a clinic.

Hair transplant, when to consider?

As discussed above the first step to be considered while deciding to go for hair transplant is how to control hair fall of existing hair first. The exact rate of hair fall and pictures at 20 years of age compared to the present condition should be evaluated. Family history regarding the condition of baldness from the paternal side i.e father grandfather and maternal side i.e maternal uncle maternal grandfather should be considered. If Hair fall has started at a very early age like for example less than 23 years and there is significant baldness over the head. In such cases first we should try with medicine mesotherapy, PRP, low-level laser light therapy. Improvement in diet, managing stress levels, increasing physical activity. If the baldness has progressed to a level that there is more than 70% loss in the concerned area then definitely hair transplant remains the only option to be considered. Hair fall at early age should be dealt with very seriously especially if the age of the client is around 17  to 22 years. All possible efforts listed above should be considered to stop hair fall. Home remedies should not be relied upon for more than 2 months. The advice of a trained well-experienced trichologist is valuable and if it is due to genes then DHT blocker should be introduced carefully at low doses.

why is Hair fall seen only in the top area of the head and not on the sides? Concept of Donor area.

Answer to this question is very fundamental in understanding why hair transplant is a successful strategy to get your hair back. Let’s talk about anatomy and a little bit of pharmacology. If we do a microscopic and pharmacologic analysis of hair root We find that there are DHT receptors which are present alongside every hair root. Distribution of this DHT receptor is determined genetically and varies from individual to individual. DHT receptor is present in high concentrations on the roots present on top of the head as compared to the concentration we find on the sides and back of the scalp. The affinity of the receptors to circulating DHT also varies from person to person according to the genes. Circulating testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone which is more potent in its action as compared to Testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone when comes in contact with DHT receptors leads to the destruction of vessels surrounding the hair root. This chronic contraction of blood vessels leads to decrease in blood supply to the concerned hair root further leading to its miniaturization over time. Miniaturized hair follicles eventually Stop growing and it leads to permanent baldness in the concerned area. As explained earlier DHT receptor is present in a lesser number and is less potent in the back and sides of the head.

So we have concluded so far that problem lies with the roots and not with the skin. Henceforth when we transfer hair follicle from back of the head to the front bald area, these hair follicles behave in the same way as they were in their original site.