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How Much Hair Transplant Cost In India

How Much Hair Transplant Cost In India – Today, hair fall as well as baldness have become common problems for both men and women in our society. This problem arises from several reasons which include hormonal fluctuations, excessive hair styling, genetics, as well as side effects of medications and treatments, and many more. Here, we are discussing How Much Hair Transplant Cost In India.

How Much Hair Transplant Cost In India

Nowadays, In India, there are various peoples that are facing the problem of hair fall and baldness. Without hair, people look unattractive and every people wants to hold their beauty but the problem arises for those persons who have hair loss problems. If you are suffering from this problem and worry about the Hair Transplant Cost In India then in this blog we are giving the complete information regarding the price.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In India?

For a few years now, India is becoming the most popular hub in the world for superior as well as advanced cosmetic surgeries. Most people are thinking that why people from all over the world are coming to India for hair transplant surgery? Also, the question arises, What is the Hair Transplant Cost In India? The answer to this question is that because of their cost. Yes, the cost of a Hair Transplant In India is much less compared to other countries.

The surgeons of India are very cost-effective and affordable as compared to others this is the reason why people come to India for this. In India, the Cost of a Hair Transplant In India starts from INR Rs. 25,000. The average cost of a Hair Transplant In India is more than INR Rs. 57,633. If you want to know more about the Cost of Hair Transplant In India then the complete information is given in this article.  The price of a Hair Transplant in some cities is given below:

  • Delhi: Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 1,25,000
  • Mumbai: Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 1,50,000
  • Gurgaon: Rs. 77,000 – Rs. 1,65,000
  • Chennai: Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 2,65,000

Moreover, there are various types of Hair Transplant techniques which include, the first one is FUE Hair Transplant and the cost of this surgery in India is Rs 35 – 75/Graft. The second one is FUT Hair Transplant and the cost of this surgery in India is Rs. 25 – 35/Graft. The third one is dht Hair Transplant and the cost is Rs 100 – 150/Graft, the Robotic Hair Transplant surgery cost in India is Rs. 60 – 100/Graft.

And the last is that the Synthetic Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Indian Rupees is 85-180/Strand. Therefore, the cost is also depending upon the clinics, experts, and conditions.  If any person requires 1000 grafts then the cost is more than Rs. 30,000-45000. On the other hand, if he/she wants to require around Rs 2000 hair grafts then the estimated cost starts from Rs 45000-70,000.

Market Size of Hair Transplant In India:

The Hair Transplant Market in India is growing day by day. Also, From the year 2021 to 2026, it is estimated to grow by more than USD 9.89 billion. Apart from this, as per the latest report by Technavio, growing at a CAGR of 9.97%.

Nowadays, Hair Transplant is becoming more and more common in India as well as all over the world. As compared to other countries the price of hair transplants in India is very affordable along with their easy and safe implementation which is one of the reasons the demand for hair transplants in India is rising rapidly.

The Most Common Causes of Baldness and Hair Loss are:

  • Emotional or physical stress
  • Excessive smoking or alcohol addiction
  • Chemotherapy-induced spot baldness
  • Excessive Vitamin A intake
  • Pattern baldness/ androgenic alopecia
  • Chemical burns
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Scalp allergies or infections
  • Improper diet or bad nutrition
  • Over-styling of hair
  • Usage of excessive heat products
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Natural aging
  • Scarring because of injury or accident

Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant in India:

There are various types of benefits of hair transplant and some of them are given below:

  • The first and most important benefit of hair transplant surgery is that after the surgery of hair transplant you don’t need to treat other treatments for hair loss because this is a permanent treatment.
  • The second and foremost benefit of a Hair Transplant is that it is a one-time investment. Apart from this, this Hair Transplant surgery significantly reduces hair maintenance costs.
  • Thirdly, After the surgery of hair transplant, the hair looks natural, because the hairlines look very natural.
  • The restoration retains for a lifetime with surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Ques 1. Hair Transplant in India is successful?

Ans. Of course yes, more than 98% of patients are completely satisfied with Hair Transplantation Surgery in India.

Ques 2. Hair Transplant Surgery is Painful?

Ans. It is not painful at all.

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