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Hair Transplant In Manimajra

Hair Transplant In Manimajra – There are various treatments for baldness available in the Indian market. As we know hair loss and baldness is a very common problems these days they lose the confidence of every man and woman. But now don’t worry, Welcome to Neograft Hair Clinic, we are the trusted and Top Hair Transplant In Manimajra.

Hair Transplant In Manimajra

A good personality is very important in this present time and we understand very well this is one of the most noticeable problems on the scalp. A large number of people are troubled by this problem and they want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. So, if you are seeking Hair Fixing Services in Manimajra then you are in the right place because We are the only solution for every problem that is related to hair.

If you are one who wants to get rid of this problem immediately then contact Neograft Hair Clinic right now. Here are the contact details of our clinic, give us a call at 9041999199 and also drop an email at

Advantages and Disadvantages of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Advantages of FUT:

  • Long-lasting hair growth
  • The graft survival rate is high
  • Best for treating male pattern baldness
  • It is a less expensive procedure

Disadvantages of FUT:

  • Time taking procedure
  • This is a very high expertise and skill-demanding procedure
  • Another disadvantage is the patient may encounter a blunt spot on the scalp although ultimately it is hidden under full hair growth
  • More labor-intensive procedure

Advantages and Disadvantages of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Advantages of FUE:

  • The faster healing process
  • A growth rate of 90% or higher
  • Minimal risk of bleeding
  • No visible scar formation
  • For FUE treatment stitches are not required
  • Appropriate treatment for medium hair loss issues

Disadvantages of FUE:

  • More time-taking procedure
  • Little expensive but provide great results
  • Not suitable for powerful hair loss problem

Some Information about Manimajra: Town in Chandigarh

Manimajra is a town that is situated in Chandigarh, India. Also, it is spelled as Manimajra and is now renamed Sector 13. This is very close to Chandigarh as well as Panchkula. This town is connected to Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, banks, and ATMs. Manimajra is famous for its fort that is situated in Manimajra Chandigarh. This fort is over 360 years old and has now become more popular with the shooting of the Oscar-winning movie Zero Dark Thirty. The estimated population is approx 15,489.

It is a very crowded town so as per the population of Manimajra there is a large number of people that need the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Manimajra and they find them. Now, you feel free because Neograft Hair Clinic is the best destination for you. We offer high-quality services and give you long-lasting results at genuine rates. Our clinic is highly demanding in Mnaimajra and most of the people are satisfied with our services. If you want to know more about us then must visit our website and read about us.

Know More About Us – Neograft Hair Clinic

Neograft Hair Clinic comes in the Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in Manimajra. We use the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies, hygiene, in a clean, as well as premium facility. If you want natural-looking results in a pain-free and cost-effective manner then visit our clinic right now.

We started our career in the year 2010 and now we have a team of highly qualified and trained doctors. Dr. Nav Vikram is a very professional doctor they are working in this field for several years and now they become the Top Hair Transplant Doctor in Manimajra. If you want to enjoy natural and superior results then contact us at the given details.

  • Our expert and professional; staff provide you with complete care as well as quality care
  • We provide services for both men and women
  • We provide you permanent solution
  • Our results are 100% natural
  • With the help of top machinery and tools and the latest machinery, we provide excellent services
  • Affordable Prices
  • Free online consultation

Contact Details of Neograft Hair Clinic:

Name – Neograft Hair Clinic

Phone Number – 9041999199

Address –  SCO 3009 – 3010 Sector 22 D, Chandigarh

Email Address –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1. Who is the Top Hair Transplant Specialist in Manimajra?

Ans. Dr. Nav Vikram is counted as one of the Top Hair Transplant Specialists in Manimajra.

Ques 2. What are the common reasons for hair loss and baldness?

Ans. There are various types of reasons for hair loss and baldness which includes hormonal factors, medical conditions, accidental injury, and many more.

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