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hair transplant cost chandigarh india-Neograft hair clinic

cost of hair transplant

hair transplant cost chandigarh india-Neograft hair clinic

Cost of hair transplant comprise following elements 
1.   O.t cost : as with any surgical procedure the operation theatre remains most cost consuming  element.Operation theatre setup can vary from a very basic to very advanced depending upon cleanliness overall air flow management in the operation theatre lights and OT beds. Running search operation theatre is also a costly affair and needs continuous upgradation at part of the clinic or Hospital.
 2.   Expertise of the doctor: needless to say more experienced your surgeon is more will be his free to conduct a professional surgery.
 3.   The surgical difficulty level may depend on the age of the patient and the degree of balding. In some cases where the patient is younger, baldness may be limited to Grade 2 or 3. These are the types of cases that we consider ideal for hair transplantation. As the level of baldness progresses from grade 3 to 6, the firmness of the skin also increases with the hidden fibrosis at the level of each follicle. In these cases, surgery will take longer and the use of equipment may be more expensive.
4.    In a particular case, the total number of graphs also determines the overall cost. There are more overhead expenses as far as equipment and consumables are concerned as the number of grafts increases. The fewer the grafts, the shorter the surgery and the lower the overhead expenses.
5.    Neograft hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh charges Rs. 25 per graft for new Platinum hair transplant technique.  Neo Platinum hair transplant technology allows us to perform up to 6000 graphs in one single day.
6.   An average f u e recharge costs between 17 to 20 rupees per graft. Unfortunately, we can only perform up to 3500 grafts in a single day. Grafts are also only 80% successful. As an example, if we plant 100 Grafts, 20 of them may give poor growth while the rest will grow well.
7.  My grade 6 to grade 7 clients are always advised to get Neo Platinum hair transplants. Using the Neo Platinum hair transplant method can improve baldness cases of grade 6 to 

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