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Hair loss treatment options

           Hair loss/hair fall is something that everyone has to experience at some point of time in life.

To some extent hair, fall is normal. when I say normal
Then this may too vary from person to person.we usually lose approx 5 percent of hair in a day. People having very high natural density tend to lose more than compared to people who have low natural density. Similarly, there is a difference between hair fall if we compare genders females have more hair on their scalp compared to men. So females have more hair loss as compared to males at any given time.
Hair has to go through a complete cycle of growth, hair fall, the resting phase, and then there is regrowth from the same follicle or hair root.
If this cycle of hair growth continues at a steady pace, things remain fine. If somehow there is a decrease in the blood supply of the scalp or there is some nutritional weakness, the growth cycle gets disturbed and every new hair coming out from the root is weaker than compared to the earlier one.
Everyone has their own normal pace of hair fall.for some this maybe around 10 hair strands per day. For others, this may be around 20 or more. Hair fall, we notice around 19 to 20 hrs of age is a baseline hair fall anything above this must be considered abnormal.
Old school thinking of 100 hair strand loss a day is absolutely not to be followed.
Any increase in your hair fall is to be taken seriously and the right diagnosis is a must to find the right solution.

In earlier days not many options were available. The only medicines we had at our disposal were minoxidil and finasteride.
If you too are suffering from any kind of hair fall then there is good news. Now we have a full range of medicines ???? available to us. These medicines range from the best nutrition supplements to scalp nourishes and ph corrector. There are many therapies that work at different levels and phases of hair growth.
To name them
1. Mesotherapy is one treatment that helps deliver medicines directly at the level of the scalp near the hair roots.
2. Low-level laser light therapy. Laser energy is delivered at a particularly high frequency and dose to the scalp at the dermal level. Helps increase hair vitality by slowing down the apoptosis or cell death at the level of hair roots.
3. Hf therapy. High-frequency electric current at very low current and very high voltage is applied to the scalp surface. This kills bad bacteria and fungus on the surface, resorts scalp ph, and help improve vascularity.
4. growth factor treatment treatment: The Individual’s own platelets are separated from whole blood and are reinjected into scalp again. Platelets being the best healers in the body attracts healing cells and help construct new blood vessels at the level of hair roots.
5. Hair transplant when there is hair loss to the extent that no chance of hair revival is possible with therapies or medicines, hair transplant is the only option left.

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