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Cost of hair transplant

Cost of hair transplant is one of the most searched phrase in google search bar.

Let us see what makes hair transplant costly .

  1. Equipment : heart of hair transplant procedure is the type of instrumentation we are using. If instruments are of substandard quality,of course they come for less price and will make procedure cheap.
  2. Involvement of doctor : If the doctor who is owner of clinic is directly involved in the procedure than its very easily understandable that the cost of procedure is going to be bit high. In case transplant is done by technicians  and doctor is not involved than of course doctor is busy doing other speciality work like general opd or other plastic surgery procedures. Lack of wholehearted attention and getting the procedure done on mercy of technicians or staffers may lead to very low cost offers but definitely quality of transplant will suffer. So its always advisable to discuss these points pre hand. Only plantation part of procedure can be done under supervision of doctor and not by doctor himself.
  3. After transplant care : Is your clinic offering comprehensive  after care. At least initial 7 to 8 months  are very crucial for observation and regular medication. PRP Therapy treatments are required after hair transplant in some cases. These should  be done by clinic to ensure best results.
  4. We at Neo Graft charge  according to area to be transplanted and age of client . We can do maximum of 6000 grafts in a single day . On an average if we talk of per graft price it varies from 25 rupees per graft to 30  rupees depending upon few variables. Final cost we decide only on meeting our client but in most cases whats app images clicked with  good light and main camera are sufficient.
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