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Women Hair Transplant In Chandigarh

Women Hair Transplant In Chandigarh –  About 40% of women suffer the effect of hair loss. However, there are multiple reasons behind opting for a hair transplant treatment for a woman. With gaining popularity in India, there are many women looking for a reliable hair clinic too. That’s why we are here with all the information about women hair transplant in Chandigarh

Women Hair Transplant In Chandigarh

There are many reasons behind extreme hair loss in women, Here at, Neograft Hair Clinic we understand the requirement and possess the expertise to guide you to the best treatment for your problem. So, to get a personalized hair treatment quote to reach out to us either by calling us at 9041999199 or also drop an email at

What is the key difference between female & male hair transplants?

A hair transplant has a standard procedure to follow and needs expert experience to find the best suitable treatment for women’s hair transplants. However, first, we need to differentiate the key difference between performing a women’s hair transplant and a man’s. 

  1. Scalp donor availability – Comparing to the men. Women need much high scalp donor availability. 
  2. Body Hair- Women have less body hair and it makes it difficult to graft body hairs in the case of women’s hair transplants. 
  3. Expectations – Women have different expectations levels as compared to men. So, the treatment becomes much more difficult in women’s cases. 

When should women opt for hair transplants?

Hairfall is quite common and it is healthy until the point that new growth is occurring in the same phase. So, in most cases, it is not necessary for opting a hair transplant procedure. However, there are some conditions that will require an appointment with the best hair transplant in Chandigarh – Neaograft Hair Clinic

These conditions are-

  1. When the hairline is too high
  2. Any baldness pattern 
  3. Extensive hair loss
  4. Transgender feminine hairline creation
  5. Scarring alopecia
  6. Hair loss after a facelift procedure
  7. Traction alopecia (hair loss due to pulling/traction)
  8. Trichotillomania 

What is the hair transplant procedure available for female hair loss?

The treatment procedure depends upon the patient and it may require being on medication before the actual procedure. However, there are mainly two types of hair transplant recommended for female hair loss-

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – A minimally intrusive hair repair surgery in which the follicular grafts are extracted from the donor and implanted in the recipient’s scalp.  It is the most common surgery because FUE  heals quickly and there is less pain. Also, the patient doesn’t get any kind of significant scare, and works best for women with poor hair density. 
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – A small strip of own scalp is cut and covers the bald spot with the follicles. The patient may stay awake under the influence of local anesthesia. This treatment for hair loss takes 4 to 8 hours. FUT is a much cheaper surgery option and required less operating time. However, FUT is a better opt the patient has a large number of hair follicles grafted. 

Women’s Hair Transplant Cost In Chandigarh

The cost of a hair transplant depends upon various factors such as no. of grafts required, the technique needed to administer, the doctor’s experience, the recovery time, and the baldness condition of a patient. However, in Chandigarh, the cost of a hair transplant ranges between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.  But it is quite uncertain to decide the cost before visiting the doctor. That’s why to know better about the treatment and its cost, feel free to reach out to Neograft hair clinic on the following details.

Best Clinic For Women Hair Transplant In Chandigarh – Neograft Hair Clinic

Dr. Nav Vikram runs this Neograft Hair Clinic which is one of the best clinics when it comes to women’s hair transplant treatment. Dr. Nav Vikram had years of experience and has developed a neo-platinum modification of the FUE technique. Not only that, Dr. Vikram has developed a dermal papilla stem cell stimulation technique. There are many reasons to choose Neograft Hair Clinic, such as –

  1. Over 10000 happy customers all across India
  2. Reputed hair clinic 
  3. A realistic and sophisticated approach
  4. Well-established hair clinic for FUE technique
  5. Customized services
  6. High experienced staff

So, here is the information about the best and most reliable women’s hair transplant in Chandigarh. Feel free to book an appointment by calling us at the following details!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question – Is hair transplant permanent in females?

Answer – Yes, in most cases hair transplant in females is permanent.

Question – Is hair transplant effective in females?

Answer – Yes, without any doubt female hair transplant is highly effective.