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Hair transplant repair for bad botched up hair transplant

Hair transplant for bad botched up hair transplant

HAIR TRANSPLANT FAILURES RESULTING FROM BAD TECHNIQUE, A WEAK DONOR AREA, OR CONFUSED ASSESSMENT REGARDING THE DONOR AREA CAN LEAD TO A LOT OF DAVASTATION IN THE FINAL RESULT OF A HAIR TRANSPLANT. We are seeing an ever-increasing number of clients who need hair transplant repair as a result of the proliferation of new clinics all over the place that make the claim to provide the best hair transplant. The majority of clients can be easily persuaded to undergo transplantation if false claims and attractive pricing are used. The majority of the cases that come to us for repair were previously treated with the procedure using such substandard instruments that the scarring prevents us from repairing the transplant. The donor area and the recipient area have both sustained significant damage. In these kinds of situations, we begin treatment with medicines that dissolve scar tissue first, and only after that do we move on to the hair transplant procedure. The argument is as follows. This gentleman had a hair transplant a few years ago, and as a result, all of the hair on his hairline is pointing in the wrong direction. Even the minimum number of grafts that were required were not placed. We had to begin by performing a complete extraction, and after that, we had to replant the hair that had been removed along with a new lot of hair taken from a donor area that was severely damaged.