SMP Treatment in Chandigarh


Scalp micropigmentaion is relatively new treatment @ neograft hair clinic chandigarh

Hair loss hair thinning bald spots and overall diffuse low hair density are some of the indications where scalp micro pigmentation may a better alternative as compared to a hair transplant. Sometimes it is practically not possible to cover the entire bald area with the help of the available hair roots in the safe Donor area. Not usually but sometimes the client may prefer a bald head look or shaved head look. In all the above conditions scalp micro-pigmentation as its role to play

What is scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation is another cosmetic procedure which is nonsurgical and is a daycare procedure. You can consider scalp micro-pigmentation as a very refined hair tattoo. The only difference between a routine tattoo and scalp micro pigmentation is that it here we e carefully place the ink in the vicinity of roots and is not done blindly. Moreover, the placement of ink is carefully done so as not to penetrate too deep into the scalp.


* F u t scar treatment

F u t scar treatment needs a special mention. After a few t hair transplant procedures sometimes the scar grows very wide and thin. In such condition either we have to to do if u e hair transplant on the scar or better we can do to scalp micropigmentation to hide the the scar area.


The donor area is extremely weak and we have a limited number of Grafts to cover the bald area. In such a situation refers to scalp micro pigmentation wait for almost 15 to 20 days and then we do low-density hair transplant so that the final results look much more fuller and near-natural as compared to hair transplant alone or scalp micro-pigmentation.


The scar left after fue hair transplant/micro-scarring due to Extreme extraction done during a fue hair transplant. F u t hair transplant is notorious in the sense that there is a wide scar on the back of the head. This sometimes looks ugly when hair is kept short. For a person wants to wear a Buzzcut look. Scalp micro pigmentation is done on scars and the final result looks extremely natural and blends finally among the existing hair.


The client wants to have a shaved head look. We create a shaved head look by placing small nanodots at a very near distance. Even after very careful observation, it is not able to make out whether the dots are small hair.


Increasing density in diffuse hair loss condition. In some people, we find that hairline is maintained somehow at a natural position and there is diffuse hair loss all over the scalp. In spite of doing hair transplants, I personally prefer to do PRP treatment combined with scalp micropigmentation to give a naturally fuller look to the scalp. As we all know hair roots available in our Donor area are limited in number hence they should be used very carefully and judiciously.


Increasing density in cases of poor results after hair transplant. Sometimes bad hair transplant for low-density hair transplant looks too unnatural and needs revision. But in such circumstances, I personally prefer to do scalp micro pigmentation, and to reconsider the decision of adding more follicles to you are a bad hair transplant. Of course in case if the hair direction is not right then and we need to do a revision hair transplant but in case if hair density is fine then to improve the density we can do scalp micro-pigmentation.

How is the procedure of scalp micropigmentation done?

Preparation for scalp micro pigmentation: as such, there is no special preparation required for the purpose of scalp micro-pigmentation. The only thing that we look for while doing scalp micro-pigmentation hairs that the skin in where we are going to do the procedure should be absolutely healthy. Especially there should be no or lesion or redness inflammation etc due to seborrheic dermatitis, any fungal infection, skin disease like psoriasis, vitiligo et Cetera.


To cover forehead with scalp micro pigmentation we need approximately 8 to 10 hours for one session. Depending upon the area to be covered one session may last from one hour to 8 hours. Number of sessions may vary from individual to individual depending upon the expectations from the procedure how much density of dots per square inch is required and whether the procedure is combined with hair transplant or is done alone. If it is to be combined with hair transplant then we do scalp micropigmentation almost 10 to 15 days prior to the hair transplant procedure.


Local anaesthesia during the procedure: The entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia and in some cases if the pain tolerance of client is good the procedure can be done even without local anaesthesia. If in case local anaesthesia is required then either we do a ring block of the scalp are we do frontal nerve anaesthesia.

*Time required for the procedure OF SMP :

there is no downtime as such after the procedure of scalp micro pigmentation only thing one needs to be careful for is, not to wash head for 3 to 4 days post-procedure. The use of any other chemical to wash head or any chemical to spray on the head is to be avoided. Sunlight exposure should be strictly avoided for the initial 5 to 6 weeks. Routine work can be e started immediately after the procedure of scalp micro-pigmentation.


Life of scalp micropigmentation: If done properly and in expert hands scalp micropigmentation may last for 2-4 years Sun exposure bleaching use of Harsh Chemicals may decrease the life of the micro dots.

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