Neodiet protein, multivitamin, multimineral supplement for healthy and lustrous hair. recommended dosage helps to control hair fall and maintain naturally healthy hair. Advised for clients who are into gym and bodybuilding. This product contains natural anti-DHT agents that helps in controlling action of circulating dihydrotestosterone upon DHT receptors present at the level of their roots.

Neodiet protein and multi-mineral supplement for hair growth. While treating hair fall, there is whole lot of stress on multivitamin tablets along with local application hair serums. Usually, protein is advised via increased dietary intake of eggs and poultry. People who are vegans often find it hard to take eggs or animal proteins. Neodiet has milk and soy protein combination along with the recommended dietary intake of multivitamins and multi-minerals. so there is no additional need of multivitamin tablets if one is supplementing a balanced diet intake with Neodiet hair food powder.

Weight 280 g


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