Moustache and beard transplant

Beard or moustache is an integral part of a man s personality ,needless to say . In our part of country beard and moustache are considered an integral part of society too. There are few conditions where beard oroustache or both beard an moustache transplant may be required.
1. Genetically there is absence of both beard and moustache. This is seen is some cases of klinefelter syndrome. In cases ho have fully expressed there identical derangement which is diagnosed at an early age. But some subtle cases only show absence of beard and moustache and just feminine distribution of fat. In these cases scalp hair are very strong as there is relatively less efficient dht.
2. In some scenarios Beard and moustache have grown but growth is too patchy.
3. Accidents, burn cases where deep burns. Has led to destruction of hair follicles.

In all of above cases if we have enough of hair density on scalp or on other parts of beard ,we can go for hair transplant .

Technique of hair transplant remains almost same like scalp hair transplant. The only difference remains that the skit size we use is very small and most of hair we use for transplant are single root grafts. It’s a time consuming and laborious job at the end of surgeon and needs lot of experience.
Donor area in case of beard and moustache can be beard itself, area near neck and under chin. Donor area can be regular donor area like scalp but we have to be careful that the calibre and thickness of hair used in facial transplant must be very thin and should be near the calibre of existing facial hair.

There are few precautions in case of facial hair transplant.
1. One has to avoid solid and hard food for few days after the procedure .
2. Smiling laughing and extreme facial movement should be avoided for 24 hours.
3. Injury can be very detrimental in case of beard transplant, there can be severe bleeding and can lead to some bald spots over the beard once final results are achieved .
4. Hair growth starts around 2 months in beard transplant and continues till one year.
5. We need to apply certain medications over beard transplant to ensure thick and best growth.
6. Multivitamin tabs are given for approx 8 to 9 months so that optimum blood levels of micro elements are present in blood.

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