How Much PRP Cost In India

How Much PRP Cost In India – PRP hair regrowth treatment comes under the category of non-surgical treatment and is an effective way to regrow the hair in the affected area. This procedure helps in stimulating hair growth by increasing blow flow and also results in the thickening of the hair shaft. That’s why PRP is also referred to as the hair restoration process. However, here we are going to discuss in detail “How much PRP cost in India”.

How Much PRP Cost In India

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Procedure Of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy | PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is quite a popular treatment for not only treating hair loss but also receding hairline, and hair thinning. This technique helps in regrowing healthy hair with a minimally invasive procedure The procedure for PRP hair treatment is relatively easy and straightforward. In this treatment, the affected area is infused with the platelet-rich plasm collected from the blood. It has a high concentration of platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, and other bioactive substances. Here are the steps generally followed during this hair treatment – 

  1. Collection of a blood sample (approx. 20ml)
  2. Separation of platelets with centrifugal
  3. Extraction and Activation of PRP (platelet-rich plasma)
  4. Insertion of this PRP into the affected area with injections under local anesthesia. 

How Much Does PRP Cost In India?

Like any other treatment, there are several factors that contribute to the final cost of PRP treatment across India. However, the starting session cost may be started from 4,500 INR up to 15000 INR. Here is the list of factors on which the cost of PRP depends – 

  1. Number of sessions required
  2. Quality of equipment used for the procedure
  3. Experience of a doctor or the reputation of the clinic

Here is the list of the average costs of PRP treatment per session across the major cities of India – 

  1. Hyderabad – INR 5000 – 12000
  2. Bangalore – INR 5300 – 13500
  3. Chennai – INR 4800 – 12500
  4. Pune – INR 5000 – 14000
  5. Kolkata – INR 5250 – 13000
  6. Kochi – INR 5000 – 12000
  7. Vizag – INR 4700 – 11500
  8. Delhi – INR 4000 – 15000
  9. Chandigarh – INR 4000 – 15000

Highlights Of PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Treatment

PRP is usually combined with other treatments such as FUT and FUE to increase the success rate. It helps in improving hair regrowth The success rate of PRP treatment is above 80% and is a less time-consuming process. There is no need to stay in the hospital after each session. However, many doctors recommend using PRP hair treatment with combined other topical treatments to enhance hair growth. 

  1. This treatment is a virtually pain-free procedure
  2. PRP treatment has no side effects
  3. The duration of each session is one and a half hour
  4. Visible results after three months

In addition, PRP hair treatment helps in prevent dandruff, postpartum thinning, fragility, and dryness of the hair. It worked against all kinds of baldness and is also useful for stress-related hair fall. 

Side Effects Of Opting For PRP Hair Treatment

Even though it is not a surgical treatment, there are some risk factors or you can say side effects of having PRP hair treatment. These side effects are not a much serious and go after days of treatment. Side effects such as 

  1. Headache
  2. Tissue Damage
  3. Itching of scalp
  4. Little pain 
  5. Sligh bleeding

Which Clinic is Best For PRP hair treatment in Chandigarh?

If you are looking for a reliable hair clinic for PRP hair treatment in Chandigarh, then feel free to visit Neograft hair clinic. Here, you will get the best assistance from the well-renowned Dr. Vikram. He has years of experience and has already served thousands of patients. Our clinic is well-equipped with modern infrastructure and offers affordable costs for hair transplants. Our success rate is over 90% and has the best hair treatment products. So, book an appointment with Neograft Hair Clinic on the following details!

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Name – Neograft Hair Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – What is the average cost for PRP treatment in India?

Answer – The average cost for PRP treatment in India range between 40k and 1 Lakh.

Question – Will hair regrow after PRP treatment?

Answer – Yes, PRP treatment help in reversing hair loss and growing new hair. 

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