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So how to proceed for a hair transplant?

The first step is a consultation. If you are from a nearby location please make a visit so that we can give a personalized evaluation after a thorough check-up under the microscope. If you are from my place from outside India then you are requested to send us a few pictures via Email WhatsApp Facebook messenger or any other social media which you used to contact us. After initial evaluation, we will tell you approximate extent of coverage, whether donor area is sufficient to cover the entire world area, how much time the surgery is going to take, what will be the recovery period and what can be the expected result out of this procedure. Along with this, we provide you with overall financial inputs required for this procedure of hair transplant. Once you make up your mind regarding financial feasibility and your agreement to the projected results, coverage density hairline.

Book a date?

Blood tests are required to make sure that the surgical procedure goes smooth. In addition to the surgical blood work, we may need additional blood Tests in case if there is some medical history regarding any other concurrent illness like diabetes, thyroid or any other related illness.

How long do you need to stay here in Chandigarh?

Currently, we have only one branch which is located in sector 22d Chandigarh and all of our clients have to visit Chandigarh to get their procedure done. Location of our clinic is very convenient for the clients who are travelling from abroad or from other areas of India. our clinic his 20 minutes distance from International Airport, 10 minutes distance from the railway station, and 5 minutes distance from the interstate bus terminal. In the vicinity of our clinic, there are many hotels and you can get easy bookings according to the date you have fixed for the surgery. It is always advisable to reach a day prior to surgery so that we can discuss a few important aspects regarding hairline and the projected density according to the donor area which we inspect under a microscope. If it is not possible for the client to reach a day prior to surgery then the same discussion we take on the day of the transplant. But I always prefer to talk to the client a day prior to the surgery so that I myself and the client both feel comfortable for the surgical day. A day prior to surgery you have to take a few tablets with your dinner and the same tablets are to be repeated on the day of surgery in the morning with breakfast. Breakfast has to be moderate to heavy so that you can stay without food for at least 5 to 6 hours.

 A typical day of surgery.

On the day of surgery, you should wash your head with the shampoo thoroughly. It is advisable to use anti-dandruff shampoo if possible otherwise, any routine shampoo should be used to thoroughly clean your scalp from dust dirt extra oil etc. You have to take your breakfast in moderate to heavy amounts. You should not overstuff yourself because while doing extraction you have to lie on your stomach for at least three to four hours. Of course, during this period you can have multiple breaks, but most of the time you have to lie in the prone position or face down position, you have to lie on your belly. During the first phase of extraction, anaesthesia, setting off extraction punch, scoring of grafts, and all the important steps are done by me, extraction of grafts, counting of grafts,   segregation, cleaning, washing of grafts is all done by staff. After the extraction phase, once we have harvested the required number of follicles, we move to the next step, but before that, there is a short lunch break. After lunch break hairline is again discussed and once we both agree to a projected hairline we move forward for the next phase of the plantation. During plantation, we give anaesthesia in the front area as we administered on the back of the head in the morning while doing the extraction. In this plantation phase, I make slits according to the direction, the density, thickness of grafts, depth of grafts and I myself take care of all technical parameters while making slits. Then we move ahead to the next step that is plantation, this step is done by my trained staff who have minimum experience of 5 years. All the above-stated steps are totally observed and supervised by me during the procedure. You will never feel yourself alone at the mercy of technicians. usually, it takes the same number of hours to do plantation as the number of hours spent while doing the extraction. Once the plantation is finished and I am fully satisfied with graft placement, a bandage is done on the donor area, recipient area is kept open and the surgical cap is placed. You are thoroughly instructed regarding what to do, what not to do, how to take care of your grafts, how to sleep, how to use normal saline to keep your grafts wet and live, all post-op instructions are explained and that is the time you can go to your place if you have opted for one-day procedure,i.e neo platinum package, then there is no need to visit us again. If you have taken 2 days procedure i.e f u e, then definitely you have to come back next day for rest of your plantation part. In both cases once the surgery is finished, after 2 days we take off the bandage, if you are from a nearby place like vicinity off Tricity then you can always come to us and we can remove the bandage and instruct you further. If you are from a far off place or from outside India then rest of the followup is always done on WhatsApp video call or FaceTime or any other online medium. 

After the transplant, most offer clients feel satisfied with results within a window period of 8 to 10 months but still, there are variations and result may linger up to 14 to 15 months. During this entire journey of hair transplant and moving towards result we are always there to guide you, to tell you how to take medicines, how to take care of your new hair, what to do what not to do, this diet modifications you need to do for good hair, exercise schedule coma how to to use shampoo, and what medications are to be avoided. call us at 9041999199 now and take valuable advice.

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