The hair transplant at neograft hair clinic will be discussed in this article, please read carefully and explore how we do hair transplant at our clinic. Before considering any medical procedure there are lots and lots of thoughts regarding side effects, complications, the outcome of the surgery, pain, and other heard unheard issues from peers. Let us clear all these facts in an orderly manner

Why do you want to go for a hair transplant at neograft hair clinic is the primary question ?


The best scenario to undergo hair transplant is, receding hairline or baldness on top and crown of head along with a dense growth on the back of the head i.e donor area

-Receding hair line at early stages like grade 2 to 3 is considered only when hair loss is not active and hair line recession is not too fast.

-There is some history of injury or burn or accident etc., with involvement of deep layers of scalp leading to permanent hair loss is se area of scalp.

Situations to avoid while taking decision for hair transplant

1. Very young age with very advanced baldness.sometimes we encounter clients with age like 20 years but hairless Upto grade 6. In such cases hair transplant may not be successful and hair loss may continue even after hair transplant ,doctor s decision is very important in these cases.

Young age with fast receding hair line ,for example severe progression from grade 2 to 3 in almost 6 months. In such rapidly progressing cases very careful evaluation with complete blood tests is very necessary.

2. Low density in donor area below 40 hair per square centimeter. Such cases are not suitable candidates for hair transplant. Bald patches may start appearing after transplant in the donor area.

3. Cases of female pattern baldness. Female Patten baldness is very common. Reason in most cases remains idiopathic but sometimes thyroid or diabetes or some other systemic disease may be responsible. Female pattern baldness should be completely evaluated before going in for a female hair transplant. Hair fall should be under control, with minimum medicines and hair loss area on top of the head should not be increasing in size.

4. If there is some disease entity affecting the recipient area. Severe fungal infection, active allergic manifestation like urticaria, active psoriasis, leukoderma, and any skin condition which is active and affecting recipient area, in such cases hair transplant is best avoided till the condition is under control.

5. Psychiatric manifestation like depression or anxiety. In such cases, if the clinical condition is due to hair loss than it’s very important to counsel the clients for real outcome and results. Over expectations may lead to further worsening of the situation.

Evaluation for hair transplant at neograft Chandigarh

Evaluation : Before going in for the transplant one should personally meet the doctor or if not possible at least complete set of pictures should be shared (all head angles like top back both sides ,front ) once your doctor feels comfortable with donor area vs bald area equation ,one should proceed. It is almost dangerous to directly jump into a clinic and get the procedure done immediately without any previous doctor patient Interaction online or offline .

Points to consider .

1. Point to note that if there is a mismatch between donor and recipient area than consideration should be for hairline first. The minimum height of the hairline should be 7 cm from eyebrow level and initial coverage should be up to the middle of the head. If hair are thin than there should be medium-density Coverage up to the crown and dense zone should be avoided in front.

2. Medical conditions like thyroid, diabetes, etc, and medicines should be discussed with the doctor. It is advisable to have a stable condition completely under control before proceeding for a hair transplant.

Once preliminary consultation is over either personally or online next step is necessary blood tests
Complete haemogram
Viral markers
Coagulation profile.

A day before surgery.

Use anti dandruff shampoo to clean he head for at least 3 days prior to surgery. Apply shampoo over the scalp and keep it over scalp for approx 6 to 7 minutes before rinsing it off.
Few medicines are prescribed which need to be taken with dinner a night before day of transplant
Same medicine is to be taken next day morning I.e the day of surgery.

Day of surgery.

Take your breakfast at least 1 hour prior to reaching clinic. Medicine as advised should be taken along with breakfast. Coffee is to be avoided a day prior and on the day of surgery.
We start surgery around 9 .00 am In morning .

Surgical process.

The first step is cleaning the scalp with an antiseptic solution. Local anesthesia is delivered on the donor area. During extraction, one has to lie down in a prone position, like face downwards looking at the floor, the client remains completely awake and can move around freely during multiple breaks.
After the desired number of grafts are extracted, we change the position of the client from a prone or face down position to face up position or supine like looking at the roof and wall in front.

Local anesthesia is delivered on the front recipient area and slits are made in specific density and direction.
There is a short lunch break. The choice of food is served by a clinic.
The final and last phase is plantation.
Once the transplant is over, post-transplant instructions are delivered, and we make sure our clients are in the best of the sensorium. We do not use sedatives, hence our clients feel fully energetic and completely with In their neural senses.

After transplant one can drive and reach back to their destination if its near Tricity, like approx an hour or so journey. For far distance travel we advise arranging a stay and travel the next day.

Post-transplant scenario

After transplant one has to remain indoors for almost 2 days. On day 3 bandage is taken off and client can wear a neat and clean sterilized cap. There is complete recovery with loss of crusts and dead skin after around 7 to 10 days. In the mean time normal work can be resumed from day 5 onwards. Physical activity can be resumed after day 10.


We advise regular follow up after every 3 months if the client is from India. If a client is from our of India than we advise, depending upon scalp condition to take medications for 8 months along with.

Results may take some where from 7 to 10 months. Although initial signs of hair growth are seen at 4 months.

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