Hair transplant frequent queries

When to consider?
If you suffer from hair loss and completely bald skin is visible. This is the time to go for a repair of the bald patch. If the hair has thinned out and skin is completely visible, or density has decreased to more than 80 percent again hair transplant can. Be considered.

How does hair transplant help?
Hair transplant helps by the addition of new growing hair roots at a bald area. Hair which is resistant to natural hair fall forces is taken out from the donor area and is placed at the bald area. This helps recover the cosmetic look and lost confidence.

How big is this procedure?
Well, to be precise hair transplant is not a very difficult surgery but yes its a lengthy surgery. This surgery needs precision and patience. The entire team should be patient and dedicated to the procedure.

What are the side effects of this surgery?
As with any surgical procedure, there are few common complications like

Infection: facilities that are not dedicated and do multiple different surgeries in the same o.t environment, their chances of cross-infection are much more as compared to the facilities where we have dedicated operating rooms.
Many commercial centers which were earlier in other businesses are shifting to hair transplant clinics. With very little knowhow and no medical background, these commercial centers are posing big health risks. Makeshift kinds of facilities along with visiting doctors and frequently changing medical staff, all lead to compromised sanitization, improper sterilization protocols, and use of substandard or sometimes dangerous medical equipment not suitable for medical use.
In the current scenario of Corona or COVID 19 infection sterilization needs more emphasis. Aware and fully trained medical staff is a must. Staff must know the basics.o.p for the covid19 pandemic.
We at neograft are fully equipped and vigilant for all sort of sterilization and sanitation protocol. our staff is handpicked and trained under Dr nav Vikram.

Medical emergency due to allergy or reaction to medicines used during the procedure. Every now and then news comes popping up regarding casualties during a hair transplant. Although the rate of loss of life is only 0.2 percent but still it needs a mention. As pointed out above newly mushroomed facilities for hair transplants just focus on milking money out of their clients. Doctor-patient relation is a distant scenario. In such setups ill-trained, low salaried, frequently changing staff without good medical knowledge to handle emergencies pose a big health risk. Dr ‘s available and technical experience to handle such emergencies is a must.
At neograft hair transplant clinic, we are fully capable of handling such situations if in case it arises so.

Persistent or long term side effects: skin is a very complicated structure with a lot of structures present at different levels. Most important being nerve structure at the base of skin. If the operating person is not aware of scalp anatomy from the perspective of a hair transplant, then he or she may cause permanent damage to scalp structures. This may present in the form of persistent pain and numbness over many years after transplant. The skin may not feel normal and there may be a feeling of paresthesia as well.
At neograft hair transplant clinic we use specific specialized instruments to protect the skin structures. Dr. Nav Vikram himself decides the depth of instruments, the diameter of instruments, and the type of instruments used during the procedure.
4.Excessive blood loss: Ill trained staff or doctor can use low-quality low precision, big size instruments leading to more injury and more blood loss. There have been reports of shock during the procedure, due to excessive blood loss.

Neograft hair transplant clinic providing hair transplant in Chandigarh is a dedicated clinic for hair transplant only.
We don’t operate for any other medical condition at our facility. So cross-infection chances are negligible in such circumstances.
Our entire team is handpicked and trained by Dr Nav Vikram himself. one out of 10 technicians gets a chance to assist Dr. Nav Vikram in surgeries.


When to consider a hair transplant is an important question and should be considered primarily. As discussed above the first step to be considered while deciding to go for hair transplant is how to control hair fall of existing hair first. The exact rate of hair fall and pictures at 20 years of age compared to the present condition should be evaluated.

Family history regarding the condition of baldness from the paternal side i.e father grandfather and maternal side i.e maternal uncle maternal grandfather should be considered. If Hair fall has started at a very early age like for example less than 23 years and there is significant baldness over the head. In such cases first, we should try treatment to regain hair density with medicine mesotherapy, PRP, low-level laser light therapy. Improvement in diet, managing stress levels, increasing physical activity. If the baldness has progressed to a hair thinning level more than 70% loss in the concerned area then definitely hair transplant remains the only option to be considered. Hair fall at an early age should be dealt with very seriously especially if the age of the client is between 17 to 22 years. All possible efforts listed above should be considered to stop hair fall. Home remedies should not be relied upon for more than 2 months. The advice of a trained well-experienced trichologist is valuable and if it is due to genes then DHT blocker should be introduced carefully at low doses. Once hair fall is controlled and prime reason for hair fall is established decision for hair transplant can be taken

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