Hair Fall Reasons & Symptoms in Male and Female.

There can be different reasons for hair fall in both male and female clients. As far as male clients are concerned most common reason for hair fall is genetic.
Clients coming for hair transplant are mostly suffering from male pattern baldness.
Male pattern baldness is due to over expression or early expression of dht receptors. Dht receptors. Are present in hair roots . mostly limited to top area of head.we can see the typical loss of hair pattern by observing norwood staging.
Dht receptor present in the roots of sensitive hair attach themselves to circulating male hormone dihydrotestosterone. Once attached there is a complex reaction leading to decrease in blood supply by vasoconstriction of the vascular basket around the hair roots. Eventual thinning of hair follicles and finally there is conversion to vellous hair. Vellous hair no more can increase in lenght. This leads to gradual thinning of hair and baldness start appearing.
Female pattern baldness has also somewhat same reasons but here in spite of dht receptors main culprit is over secretion or increase in circulating testosterone. Main stay of tratment in male pattern baldness remains hair transplant but in female baldness mainstay of treatment remains medicines. Mostly antiandrogens.


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