Best hair Transplant punjab

Searching for best hair transplant clinic Punjab among so many hair transplant clinics ,it is somehow very difficult to search from the list that pops up while you google for best hair transplant clinic in Punjab,or rather anywhere in world. 

We at Neograft hair clinic Chandigarh assure quality treatment at very reasonable cost. our specialization is in hair transplant and hair revival. We are serving clients from across the globe for last 10 years. 

Main difference you will find while visiting us and getting treatment is of personal touch by Dr Nav vikram himself. To make sure every client is attended and treated to the best of capabilities,there is full involvement of Dr Nav Vikram at every step. Anesthesia,graft punching,slit making ,hair line direction and density are all decided by doctor Nav vikram himself. 

Staff involvement is limited to extraction,counting,and plantation of grafts in pre made slits. 

Dr nav vikram has innovated the process of fue hair transplant with help of his own developed instruments. Anesthesia equipment is an innovation he has developed over past 4 years,this ultrasonic devise makes the whole process painless. Nano motor developed by him has helped him to extract upto 2500 grafts in an hour. counting device developed by him has led to accuracy and transparency of number of grafts. 

Like wise there are many more innovations which lead to a very smooth journey of hair transplant .