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Dr.Nav Vikram Kamboj Dr  Nav Vikram Kamboj is a  reputed hair transplant specialist in Chandigarh is founder director of Neograft hair clinic, which was established

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Hair transplant in India for Hairloss and Baldness

Hair transplant in India is a rising keyword based upon searches on google. There are interesting and solid reasons for that. Let’s find out?

Do you know hair loss affects 85 percent of men and roughly 45 to 50 percent of females in a lifetime? Hair loss in men is mainly due to male pattern baldness or genetic baldness. Most females suffer from hair thinning rather than baldness as seen in men.

Hair loss in men due to genetics is called male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Gene for male pattern baldness is carried from mother’s side dominantly. If your maternal uncle or maternal grandfather is bald then there are chances that you to measure for hair loss at an early age.

Normal vs abnormal hair loss

Old teachings, old concepts States that up to 100 hair strands lost in a day are normal in number and there is no need to worry about that. But here is what my experience says about hair loss. Any amount of hair loss is abnormal if there is a variation from a baseline.

For example, if you lose approx 4 to 5 hair during head wash or shampoo and all of a sudden you start noticing 22 to 30 hair follicles during a head wash then definitely you are suffering and abnormal hair loss. So any amount of hair loss is it normal if it is over and above your routine.

Hair loss definitely leads to stress which may further aggravate hair loss and this cycle continues. Earlier there were very limited tools to fight hair loss and reverse the damage. But now you need not to worry because there are many effective treatments with scientific backing to cure hair loss. Initial stages of hair loss can be cured with medicines in the form of multivitamins, hair vitalizing serums, Mesotherapy, low-level laser light therapy, and PRP.

Hair loss or hair damage happens to many of us and is a matter of worry for most

But now hair transplant is a new modality which has come up you with great acceptance world over. Hair transplant in India is a new craze not only for people who already have got baldness issues due to premature hair loss but also for the Folks who want to get an attractive hairline. Now comes dreaded questions, whether a hair transplant is safe, reliable, long-lasting, without side effects?

Well, let us jump directly To to the details of hair transplant in India.

Hair transplant is a surgical technique in which hair roots or follicles are extracted from the donor area

and are planted in the bald area or recipient area.

Hair transplant surgeons doing hair transplant in India use many techniques to do hair transplant. There are two types of hair transplant techniques used mainly to do hair restoration.

1.FUE or follicular unit extraction.

2.F u t or are follicular unit transfer.

FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT: f u e hair transplant widely accepted world over and is used preferably to do hair transplant in India. In f u e hair transplant hair roots or hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor area. Follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. You can imagine plucking hair from someone’s scalp but with hair root. Special machines are used to extract each hair follicle without damage, so that hair grafts are not damaged and are we get natural results with a good density hair transplant.

FUT HAIR TRANSPLANT: f u t hair transplant uses a full thickness of skin strip which is cut from the donor area starting below 1 ear and running right across the scalp to the other end. And lower end of the skin is tied with the help of skin suture and there is a minimally visible linear scar on the back of the head in fut hair transplant.

The technique of inserting hair follicles or hair plantation in hair transplant is done the same way in both techniques of hair transplant, F U E and F U T.

Donor area: Concept of Donor area is very important to understand. Baldness usually starts from the front sides and progress towards the back of the head. Gradually over a period of time, it covers entire scalp in some cases. But mostly what we observe is, top of the head is bald and we see a thick strip of hair starting from above 1 ear and going across the back of the head towards the other side. This area of the scalp is called a safe area or Donor area.

In body hair transplant we use here from other parts of the body like chest underarms pubic area, in some cases even arms and legs.

In the beard transplant we can use hair from the donor area of the scalp or in cases where the scalp Donor area is weak we can use hair from the beard to cover the scalp as well.

Hair growth after hair transplant procedure is just like natural hair, transplanted hair roots can be styled, colored and haircutting can be done just like natural hair.

Hair transplant can be used to restore hair in scalp eyebrows beard and even eyelashes. Most of the times hair transplant is used to restore depleted hair volume on the scalp. Second in the list comes beard then eyebrows and eyelashes. Music

Hair transplant surgery/hair transplant in India is done typically in dedicated hair transplant clinics dealing primarily with hair loss treatment and hair transplant.

Cost of hair transplant

The rising cost of hair transplant is one of the important reasons behind the choice of considering hair transplant in India. The cost of hair transplant in India is calculated based upon the number of hair roots or grafts required to cover a specific bald spot. Bigger is the bald area more is the number of grafts required to cover that. On average, a medium-size head will need approximately 5000 to 5500 Grafts to cover the top portion. If the entire top area of the head is bald We technically call this as grade 6 baldness.

Cost of hair transplant in India varies upon a few factors

  1. Experience of the clinic: older the clinic, more is experience and higher are the charges. New inexperienced clinics can offer heavy discounts just to lure more number of candidates to learn upon. Many clients end up getting very unnatural results and may need a repeat transplant to correct the previously done bad hair transplant.
  2. Availability of doctor: Needless to say the doctor is like a captain of the ship for the medical clinics. he is the only one, who takes the entire responsibility. But now even salons and chains of so-called hair clinics have started doing the hair transplant with the help of technicians. How so ever big or fancy setup with nice interiors it may be, a trained qualified doctor is required and must for hair transplant. offers like 1 rupee transplant or other low-cost hair transplant offers may seem attractive initially but almost 70 to 80 percent of clients come out dissatisfied.
  3. Medical hygiene: Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and just like any other surgery, hair transplant does need hygienic operation theatres to do hair transplant treatment. Wounds can easily pick up an infection if the surgical environment is not good.
  4. Emergency backup: Just like any surgery there are some risks involved and the availability of doctors with proper knowledge of medical emergency is a must.

Neograft hair transplant clinic India Chandigarh holds an international repute with 10 years of experience, well-equipped operation rooms, the hygienic environment under the expertise of Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj.

Dr. Nav Vikram is a graduate and post-graduate from PGI Rohtak and is a pioneer in the field of hair transplant with 10 years of vast experience of more than 3500 clients operated by himself across the globe.

He has developed neo platinum technique for hair transplant for the best possible results. His artistic bent of mind combined with surgical skills has earned him applause from best critics in the field. He holds a record of transplanting 7000 grafts with only 2 assistants in just 9 hours. Previously with routine fue, it was not possible to do more than 3000 grafts in a single day.

Hair transplant clinic in India normally charges 25 to 40 rupees per graft.

We at Neograft hair transplant India, charge based upon area to be covered, age of the client, density required, and whether body or beard hair transplant is required. On average we charge 25 rupees per graft with neo platinum (single day procedure) And approx 20 rupees per graft with traditional fue.

The cost of hair transplant compared to USA Europe and the middle east is much less in India. Based upon cost per graft, the average cost of hair transplant is almost 5 x in these counties as compared to the cost of hair transplant in India.

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