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Welcome to best hair transplant clinic india. Neograft hair clinic ranks among top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics Chandigarh punjab India. Neograft hair clinic was established  in year 2010 by Dr Nav Vikram who is a renowned hair transplant surgeon at Chandigarh. At Neograft we offer best treatment for hair loss, hair restoration, hair transplant in Chandigarh at affordable price. Hair transplant is an art and team Neograft understands this. Decision making, wether transplant is possible or not, how much area can be covered, hair line creation, density distribution, direction of hair, all this needs an in-depth involvement of a surgeon as an artist who has to beautifully create a marvelous masterpiece out of a blank canvas. Need less to say choice of an experienced clinic is first important decision which can make or break your own confidence. So choose wisely…

Dr Nav Vikram's Intelligent evaluation, intense involvement, best use of donor area, 10 years experience, gets you best possible results .

Hair transplant

Searching for the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula, well Neograft Hair Clinic is for you. Hair transplant remains the best reliable option to get it your long-lasting hair back. The hair transplant Technique was innovated in the year 1949 by a Japanese doctor. Since then there has been continuous improvement in the technique and the results of hair transplant. In earlier days f u t hair transplant was popular in which full strip of skin was taken from the donor area and Extracted individually one by one from the strip of skin. These separated hair roots were then inserted into small slits On the bald area.
Now F U E hair transplant is the main technique that is followed world over and is giving promising results along with near-natural density. It’s not easy to find out the best hair transplant clinic at any location. Simply typing hair transplant in Google search bar will show multiple results for the city. It becomes very difficult for a person to choose a reliable and trustworthy clinic. So online research  for reviews, live surgery, results, and most important is genuine feedback from doctor live at his consultation chamber .

best clinic for hair transplant chandigarh india

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is now an established medical procedure.  Male pattern baldness, traumatic hair-loss , cicatricial alopecia, Female baldness, beard reconstruction are straightforward indications  for hair  transplant. Fut is oldest  method to do hair transplant . Being an invasive procedure with stitch placement  on donor area ,fut is much less in demand as compared to fue hair transplant . Best hair transplant clinic s  in Chandigarh and India  now offer fue  hair transplant. Neoplatinum is ultra-fast  modification of fue with as high as 7000 grafts placed in single day. We at Neograft hair  transplant clinic Chandigarh  offers latest and best hair transplant at very reasonable cost .

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                                                            Know your doctor

Dr  Nav Vikram, a reputed hair transplant specialist in Chandigarh is founder director of Neograft hair clinic, which was established in 2010. Dr Nav Vikram is graduate and post graduate from prestigious  P.G.I Rohtak. During his residency in plastic surgery he developed a passion for hair transplant and there after he chose particularly hair transplant as a career option. Now he is  famous for affordable hair treatments, hair transplant in Chandigarh. He is a full time hair treatment consultant doing mainly FUE hair transplants in his setup. His dedicated hair transplant staff is trained, guided and motivated  by himself. He has an artistic bent of mind since beginning. Hairline designing is an art and  needless to say, when it comes to Hair transplant no one can match sincerity and in depth involvement of Dr Nav Vikram in the hair treatment procedures. His projection of hair transplant results match exactly with the client’s perception and imagination. His simplicity and straightforward nature has won him clients from across the globe.

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Neograft hair transplant clinic Chandigarh was established 10 years back and has earned the reputation of being the most honest and trustworthy hair transplant clinic. In this blog, you will find valuable resources regarding hair transplant the latest innovations and the best strategy to follow before zeroing in on a clinic.

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How to proceed further?

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