Cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh

The cost of a hair transplant will depend upon many factors.
The cost will depend upon, how old is the clinic, how experienced is the surgeon, how many grafts can be planted in a single day, what are the hygiene levels, and of course whether a doctor is available himself to do surgery or not.
The cost of hair transplant is a very important consideration while making your final decision for hair transplant. As compared to US, UK, Canada, Australia hair transplant in India is much cheaper.
India is coming up fast as a major hub for or International clients to get a hair transplant done.
f u e hair transplant being the most favored choice among International clients.
cost of f u e hair transplant in India will depend upon a few factors
1. The expertise of the doctor :
The expertise of the doctor is based upon qualification, the overall experience in the field, the total number of cases done by the doctor, and the involvement of doctor in the procedure, as a general rule minimum experience of the surgeon should be 5 years and should have done more than 500 cases by himself at least.
Dr. Nav Vikram is ex pgi and has experience of more than 3500 hair transplant cases. Dr nav Vikram does all important steps like anesthesia, punching, hairline, and slit making himself.
2. Staff:
The clinic staff is the backbone of the clinic. Trustworthy and trained staff is an asset and we proud to say that we have the highest staff retention rate. Staff doing plantation have a minimum of 5 years of experience. You will feel confident and at ease in dealing with our experienced staff. This being a simple fact that staff can only be retained if there is a regular salary revision and continuous financial motivation.
3. Clinic setup:
Although we do only fue hair transplant, but there is regular updating of instruments and the process. We believe in continuous change and refinement of our process for better and more natural results. Dr. Nav Vikram has evolved the entire process of hair transplant to a new level. this next version of fue is named neo platinum. there are many differences between fue and neo platinum hair transplant but to summarise neo platinum ios almost three times faster, has up to 97 percent survival of grafts, minimum blood loss is there and along with minimum anesthesia is used in the entire process.
4. Hygiene:
As already mentioned, just like any other surgical procedure, sterilization is a must in every aspect. There are chances of infection in clinics, where multiple types of surgeries are done. As our clinic is a dedicated clinic for hair transplants we only do hair transplant There are negligible chances of infection at our setup. Commercial clinic setups of salon or makeshift operation facilities owned by non-medical personnel carry a high risk of infection. There is a gross lack of awareness among such people.
At neograft hair transplant clinic, we have a separate department for sanitization with dedicated staff taking care of all aspects of hygiene.
5. Involvement of doctor in surgery:
To maintain the best level of results consistently over years, the doctor’s involvement is a must. Centers where multiple surgeries are done in a day, it can be very well understood that doctor can not do all important steps for all clients. Many clinic are on the trend of decreasing per client cost and adding more surgeries on a daily basis. in such a circumstance there are good chances of negligence because the doctor himself can’t give much attention to all clients being operated. so doctor managed clinic with doctor himself involved in surgery will cost more as compared to majorly technician driven setup.

At neograft hair clinic we offer price as follows
for 1000 grafts 25 rupees per graft
for more than 1000 grafts 20 -25 rupees per graft
Above prices include PRP sessions ranging between 2 to 5 as per requirement for good hair growth .

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