How to get best results from hair transplant.

Fue hair transplant is very common these days. baldness due to genetic reason is progressive and eventually it progresses in a pattern to affect whole head. During transplant we are relocating the hair roots from an area where they are in plenty of numbers and relocated to bald area or area where these are fewer in number.

In people who have strong genetic inclination for baldness ,even after hair transplant there is a tendency for transplanted hair to go thin and eventually shedding.

In my opinion optimum level of multivitamins and local application sprays in form of bio peptides can help prolong the life and thickness of transplanted hair roots.

In addition avoidance of harsh chemical exposure like excessive chlorine content of supply water, sea water or high tds water in general can help keeping the hair follicles strong .

Minoxidil alone can be applied but eventually one develops some kind of resistance to it and hair starts getting weak.

So combination therapy is advisable.

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