Hair transplant in younger age groups

When we do hair transplant in younger age groups following things are to be considered

Hair loss can start at any age but usually we find that hair loss below the age of 25 years is very much abnormal and advanced hair loss that is grade five or six is absolutely abnormal. Such clients are very thoroughly evaluated for their family history and if there is both paternal and maternal history of hair loss at an early age then such clients are not the right candidate for hair transplant . In such a situation we prefer to go in for Artificial coverage of scalp with the help of hair patch wig or laces.

Even if client is adamant for hair transplant then first condition we explain in years that there has to be a complete blockade of DHT receptors for at least one year and partial blockade of DHT receptors for at least 3 more years. If client agrees only when we go ahead with hair transplant. It is totally unethical to go for hair transplant at a very early age. I see many cases in my OPD where clients of the age of approximately 25 years have underwent massive full head hair transplant and landing up with hair fall again after a year.

So it is highly recommended that you choose a good experience to doctor who can guide you in the right direction for the purpose of hair transplant just going in with fancy advertisements you are going to lose your money and as well your precious follicles.

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