Hair transplant at very young age

In this post I’ll tell you about the dangers of getting transplant in very young age.

Well hair transplant can be done at age but there are words of caution. Aggressive hair loss at very early age I.e at 20 to 24 yrs signals very strong expression of male pattern gene.a thorough evaluation of gene expression should be done, considering family history especially from mother side.first attempt should be done at keeping the original hair intact by means of prp stem cells and various other treatments available with us.Once we are sure that hair fall has arrested, other offending factors like deranged lab tests or any associated disease are taken care of.we should postpone the procedure till we are very sure of safe donor area.

Second aspect is that at very young age expectations from the procedure are too much so there should be an extended and thorough consultation and one should be convinced for a limited cosmetic coverage rather than over all very thick density. Density gradient with heavy front and little low density in middle and crown area should be acceptable.

Last point is that after hair transplant it should not be a hit and run sequence.. Means there should be an extended follow up for at least 2 years and a strict watch is required for hair fall.If there is hair fall instant and strong counter measures should be initiated.

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