Hair transplant at old age

At old age,awhere we do transplant after the age of around 60 years there are again certain words of caution with transplant. in such cases skin is sometimes very hard due to ageing and it becomes very difficult to take out follicles. Depth of follicles also increases with age so we need to take long length punches to extract the follicles that eventually increases graft transaction.In such cases the whole procedure sometimes become very lengthy and we are not able to extract the desired number of follicles.In such cases rather than getting at adamant about doing the procedure in a single shift we can divide the procedure in 2 days.Also with age there are certain medical conditions which coexist with the clients like hypertension and diabetes so too much of stress in a single day can lead to some another complications so where is need to counsel such clients, that in case we are not able to extract the required number of grafts we can tell them that procedure may be done over two consecutive days.

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