Best age to get fue hair transplant.

In daily consultaions for baldness …this is again avery common question.
Hair transplant per se can be done at any age.There is no age limitation. We have done hair transplant in clients as young as 15 yrs but for a seperate indication other than hair loss.we did hair transplant for post traumatic hair loss post burn hair loss. Oldest client we did was for hair loss at age of 75 yrs.
While we do hair transplant in very young individual ..especially where we enconter young males of age around 20 to 25 yrs we always keep in mind the genetic history of individual. If there is strong history of baldness in family than we suggest not to go for reshaping hairlines and going for something unrealistic just for looks. Its very important because transplanted roots are resistant to hair fall for a very long time. If backed by a strong family gentics for baldness than there are chances that natural line will recede leaving an irregular brim of hair in the frontal region which looks real bad.
Another case scenerio
When we consult a client who has already lost almost 80 percent of hair at around 25 yrs of age even than we have to remain cautious. As the remining hair may also not stay leaving a failed hair transplant. So very young people loosing most of the hair in youth are again a word of caution.

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