Beard and moustache transplant

Friends when we talk about beard and moustache Transplant, then we are mainly referring to the clients who are from north India .Because in this region there is a great trend of keeping beard and moustache.wether less facial hair growth is due to genetic reason or in some cases die to diseases like alopecia areata, it becomes very disgusting and a reason for low esteem at times for a person.

Advancement in techniques of hair transplant have allowed us to do hair transplant in beard and moustache area with very great accuracy I would like to say that nicely done beard and moustache transplant will mimic the natural hair growth on this area and results are great. only difference in scalp hair transplant and beard and moustache hair transplant is that ,while in scalp we use a little bit course and large size punches while in beard and moustache ,we have to be very precise with the size of punches that is the size of punch should be almost around .0.6 millimetre internal diameter and siMilar should be the size of blade with which we are making slits .Now as the skin of the face is very vascular so results are very promising in case of beard and moustache transplant .our experience in such cases is great once the client selection is proper. we have constructed full face beard and moustache in many of our clients who were suffering from chromosome disorder where facial hair were absent since birth. Hair transplant helps in regaining in the confidence and natural masculine appearance.

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