Bad hair transplant repair in India

Sahil Hi friends I am Sahil I am into i.t sector. I got my hair transplant at a very cheap clinic in Chandigarh. They charged me almost 9 Rupees per graft. I got very devastating results.My self confidence was completely gone. You can see clearly in my previous picture the kind of results I got after 2500 grafts. I tried to contact the doctor at that clinic but was shocked to learn that actually technicians were handling that clinic completely and the head visiting doctor who was completely unaware of hair transplant. One of my friends told me about repair procedure being done by doctor Vikram. I visited doctor Vikram and to my surprise he was not at all interested getting the name of Clinic and other details regarding my previous procedure. He calmly agreed to repair my hair transplant and that also at a nominal cost. I was little dicey with my decision to get hair transplant again. But finally I I made up my mind and got my hair transplant. That was totally different experience as compared to my previous transplant. I am happy to say that my decision was finally right although the second time. Now I am satisfied and happy. I would recommend neograft hair clinic. Also it is little costlier as compared to other clinics but still I would say that it is true value for your money. Don’t fall prey to cheaper clinic because later results are never satisfactory. I saw many cases like mine at neograft. Stay aware and take right decision.

Best density hair transplant in India

Hello friends my name is Paramveer . I was suffering from hair loss and hair thinning,hair fall, and itching in the scalp. I went for hair transplant to doctor Vikram but he was very clear in his vision and did not advise me hair transplant on my first visit. I took medicine for my hair loss and hair thinning for almost three months and only when my hair fall was under control, I was advised hair transplant by doctor Vikram. I visited other clinics also and was fighting with hair loss for last 3 years. Most of the clinics were very eager to do my hair transplant. Clinic staff used to call me now and then and give me various offers for my hair transplant. But personally when I met doctor Vikram I was very comfortable with his explanation and truthfulness. I got my hair transplant done almost a year ago, now I am very much satisfied with the strategy I followed with doctor Vikram and would recommend this truthful and genuine clinic.


SATYAJEET C.E.O CLARIANT INFOTECK I am personally a big fan of Dr. Vikram. Almost a year and half has passed and I am very happy with almost 5000 grafts which were done in a single day with Neo Platinum technique. I respect doctor Vikram for his tolerance straightforward behaviour. I was very anxious about my hair transplant and its outcome. So but it team your craft was always there to guide me. Aftercare with these guys is amazing. I have myself referred many of my cousins to this clinic and all are very satisfied. I would recommend this clinic for hair transplant. I will personally recommend to opt for neo Platinum technique. It took almost 8 hours for my 5000 grafts. Except for small swelling around my eyes and 83 there was no major complication.


Ramesh Kumar
Hello friends I am a teacher by profession. I suffered from premature balding at a very young age. Being teacher I always felt shy about my baldness. I was really nervous about pain and side effects of hair transplant. While surfing internet I went through one of the YouTube videos of Dr Vikram and the way he was doing the surgery was really impressive. I made up my mind and got my hair transplant done. I was at grade 6 baldness but I was amazed to see the total number of crops done in a single day. Initially I was little sceptical regarding number of grafts but as the results came up I was really satisfied with the outcome. Most of my friends got where transplant done from other centres of Punjab and there procedure was done for 6000 graphs in 3 to 4 days. They were also shocked to see my result for the hair transplant done by dr Vikram in a single day. Above all Dr Vikram is a very gentle and nice hearted doctor always ready to help. I recommend this clinic to all those who want to get their hair transplant.