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Female hair loss

Stress has become a major cause of hair loss in females. More and more females working women in particular are reporting to the hospitals .The over demanding jobs, long working hours and expectations from family pile up the stress in females and results in massive hair loss that is in no way Female Pattern Hair Loss. Generally females start noticing hair loss during morning shower, while hair are blown to dry, or when given a quick brush—and most females think that’s normal.
A couple of hairs are lost on an average a day. That’s just hair going through its cycles, and there will be a new one to replace it.” However, if the loss is around fifty to hundred hairs per day, that should be taken as an alarm.
Hair loss may be a sign of a more serious medical condition that needs an evaluation by a trichologist for a possible treatment.
Commonly known in females, is Telogen effluvium, a phenomenon that occurs after pregnancy, major surgery, drastic weight loss or extreme stress in which females shed large amounts of hair every day, usually when shampooing, styling, or brushing. However, the stress is being seen as major reason behind hair loss in females. Young females are equally prone to this phenomenon.
During telogen effluvium, hair shifts faster than normal from its growing phase into the “resting” phase before moving quickly into the shedding, or telogen, phase.
According to women with telogen effluvium,they typically notice hair loss 6 weeks to 3 months after a stressful event. At its peak,some may lose handfuls of hair.
A proper care along with right medicines, multivitamins are required to treat this phase. A very recent development known as ‘LLLT’ (Low Light Laser Therapy) has also hit the market. Developed in USA, the therapy is based on  laser beams that penetrates through the layers of skin and reaches the follicular region of hair. It stimulates vascular supply to the roots of the hair and also reinstates the follicular grip in the dermal area, thus strengthening the hair base and ceasing hair loss.

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