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PRP is done with client s own blood. Platelets from the blood are separated with a special platelet separator. Concentration of platelets is almost 100 times than normal blood. Injected platelets increase the inflammation at the level of roots and hence increase blood supply. PRP has a different set of indications .We can combine it with hair transplant or we can separately do it for a client.


Small amount of blood is taken from the vein and is processed in lab. Growth factors and platelets are separated from the blood .the mixture is fortified and then re injected in the scalp at a specific depth. The whole procedure is done after numbing the scalp. So it is virtually painless. A little swelling is expected in front area on forehead and around eyes .This is normal and will not hinder in normal day to day schedule of an individual.

Results are visible within 10 days.

We recommend 4 sessions to get full growth of hair.

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