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Hair loss protocol or (HLP)™ is protocol devised by Dr Nav Vikram which has 4 major components. These 4 components are varied in intensity as per the requirement of each client. (HLP)™ is mainly indicated in clients who have just started losing the hairs or have partially shed hair .It is highly recommended in clients up to grade 4 Norwood scale .This protocol is done in sessions .usually clients are recommended 4 sessions at interval of 1 month to achieve good results.

Components of HLP Treatment

This therapy has 4 main components.

  • Improvement in blood supply of scalp achieved by way of mesotherapy.
  • Blocking of DHT receptors which are responsible for blood vessel weakening by way of directly delivering saw palmetto extract to scalp.
  • Scalp nourishment by putting lecithins,soy,other lipids,vitamin b6,panthenol,vitamin e,vitamin c.This creates a very healthy ground for healthy hair and hair which grow after treatment are dark pigmented,thick,with a very nice sheen.
  • Removing microflora of scalp and maintaining ph .Microflora is in form of fungus and is normally always present on the scalp.when there is excessive growth it leads to piling of dead tissue along with fungus flakes in form of dandruff.

We divide our clients of hair fall depending upon the level and extent of permanent and temporary hair loss.

Protocol 1

Age around 25 yrs,recent start of hair fall with no thinning or shifting of hair line .

Protocol 1 comprise of hair revitalization, hair rejuvenation, blood supply augmentation, anti DHT. Three sessions at a gap of 1 month than follow-up every 6 months to 1 year .

Results : Complete stop in hair fall. Regrowth of already dead or weak roots.

Protocol 2

Age around 30 yrs ,hair loss continuing at varying speed and thinness can be seen in the scalp with in a receded hairline.

Hair transplant in front hair line. Followed by three treatment sessions.

Results : Frontal hair line gives a bouncy and hard look and rest of native hair come up after three sessions. maintenance for native hair 6 to 8 monthly .

Protocol 3

Age 40 yrs plus,hair line recession at varying stages with minimal hair fall.

Already hair loss has occurred to the extent that only hair transplant followed by scalp strengthening with three sessions so that grafted roots take up in a good way.

Results : A conservative hair line with very good density is achieved.

Each therapy session is tailor-made according to individual scalp some client we may see more of microflora in others we may find more of DHT problem.

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