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How long it takes for results to appear in fue hair transplant.

After hair transplant the very next day we see small scabs all over the transplanted area. These scabs are dead skin tags which accompany extracted grafts.Normally these scabs fall off in almost 5 days .we can see small hair after scabs are completely off.Transplanted hair keep growing after that for almost 3 weeks.we can see small hair all over the transplanted area. This is the first glimpse or view of final result. Hair start shedding afyer 3 weeks and varying from person to person there can be shedding of almost 80 percent of  hair from ttransplanted area. But hair which are left after 4 weeks keep growing.

Final growth starts at 4 months and can mature in another 2 to 3 months. Invariably at the end of 1 yr we get a full look after hair transplant.

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