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Fut vs fue.

This is an ever controversial topic of discussion among hair transplant surgeons that which technique is better fue or fut.

As far as my views are concerned, we have 2 point of views to look at this controversy. From surgeon’s point of view, and from client or patient point of view.

As a surgeon I feel much comfortable with fut because I have a limited job to do. First is strip excision and second is making sites for inserting grafts. Rest of the things are taken care of by technical staff. So I ncan do more than one surgery in a day.

When I talk about doing fue, its much tiring for me. As I have to do take out grafts myself than I Have to make recipient almost 70 percent of the time and work is done by me.

From patients point of view..fut is much uncomfortable as pain in stitches remain for few days. Than if we use non absorbable stitches. They need to be removed after few days. Third is that client cannot wear small hair as this makes scar area prominent. As far as fue is concerned during surgery it is more tiring as compared to fut .time involved is almost double as compared to fue. But in post op period there is negligible pain and donor area heals within 2 to 3 days. Still in region where I practice we do 100 percent fue procedure.

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