Hair Loss

Hair loss can have many reasons. In 95 percent of cases, excessive hair loss is genetic. The thinning hair is a great burden for many. But what can stop the hair loss?

People with full, shiny hair have an effect on other vital, youthful and healthy people. However, many people associate hair loss with illness and old age. The psychological consequences of hair loss are not to be underestimated: the self-esteem can disappear, sufferers may find themselves no longer attractive, people feel uncomfortable and observed. All this affects the quality of life.

Hair loss Symptoms:

Hair loss is not the same as hair loss: In some people, hair loss is spread all over the head. For others, there are certain places on the head that suddenly become bald. And also the intensity of hair loss varies greatly. It ranges from barely visible hair loss to full balding.

Symptoms of hereditary hair loss:

Hereditary hair loss has different effects on men and women. Physicians speak of a typical  male  and a typical  female  pattern. How fast and far the hair loss progresses varies greatly from person to person.

Men  usually lose hair first in the region of the forehead and upper temples   – so-called receding hairlines form. If the androgenetic alopecia progresses, further hairs often fall on the upper back of the head (vertebral or vertex region) and in the forehead. Finally, the bald spots of both areas gradually approach until a balding bald head emerges.

As a  rule, women lose hair mainly in the area of the middle part of the head. They rarely have bald spots. Rather, the hair is getting thinner, so that the scalp becomes visible.

Symptoms of diffuse hair loss:

Diffuse hair loss is usually not limited to specific areas of the head. Rather, the head hair is thin overall. The hair clearings are distributed relatively evenly.

Symptoms of circular hair loss:

Circular hair loss usually starts suddenly . In one or more places of the head are formed within a short time circular to oval, bald, non-inflammatory foci , which can lead to complete baldness.Circular hair loss can also affect the eyebrows, eyelashes, underarm and pubic hair and in men’s beard hair.

Treatments for Hair Loss:

Hair loss and baldness is a serious setback to one’s personal and social life. Fortunately we have a cure for that. Fue hair transplant is the only way to get back the lost follicles. Although in earlier stages our innovation “neoprp”is quite effective. Initial stages of hair fall upto nor wood stage 3 with diffuse decrease in density is ideal situation for neoprp.Hair loss treatment are done with various techniques but Fue is the proven and most scientific surgical treatment option for success Full outcome. Many clinics are still using other methods to do hair transplant but at Neograft Chandigarh we keep ourself updated to latest techniques so that we carry forward our legacy of best results.

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