Hait Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is right age for hair transplant ?

A: With my experience of around 10 years what I have concluded as that hair transplant should be done when we are able to you guess the future pattern of hair loss. For example if a client comes to us at a very young age say for example 20 years and he is at grade 4 level of baldness then it’s very important to check out the family history of that client with respect to baldness status of father and most importantly maternal uncle and maternal grandfather. In case if there is history of baldness both from father as well as the side of mother and client is showing advanced baldness at a very young age, then there is every chance that even after transplant hair thinning is not going to stop and eventually the results of transplant may vanish after 3 to 4 years in such case we have to be e very clear regarding the prognosis of hair transplant .Overall number of years will be required and what kind of medicine will be required. If a client comes to us at an age of say for example more than 35 years and there is slow regression of hair line then and we can consider this kind of hair transplant as a safe transplant with respect to longevity of transplanted hair. Age as such is no bar to hair transplant because we have done hair transplant in as young as 15 years of age (of course the reason was a surgical scar on scalp). We have done transplant Till the age of 67 years with very good results. What I conclude is that history  and careful examination before and during hair transplant for hair thinning and advancing baldness is very important. Without proper evaluation it can be very detrimental for psychological health of the client in very young age group.

Q: What are are other alternatives to hair transplant ?

A: There are two situations first one being initial stages of baldness where thinning has just started and there is hair fall but there is not much recession of hairline, in such circumstance we can offer medicine along with mesotherapy PRP low level laser light therapy etc. Situation where hairline has already received it there are are very less or no chances of getting back a hair line. Hair transplant is the only answer in cases where there is complete absence of hair  and hairline has already receded. Few clinics they advise PRP treatment given for completely bald cases that is absolute wastage of your precious time and money. Hence choice of clinic does matter.

Q: How permanent is hair transplant ?

A: This remains universal question with every hair transplant client. Everybody is is very sceptical about the final results at first end and second how long the result is going to last. I tell my all clients that it as like any other genetic disease male pattern baldness is also a progressive genetic disease and unless and until we take necessary steps the baldness is going to increase from front to back show with every transplant my standing instructions are to take care of the existing Natural care so that the for the recession of hairline can be prevented. As like every medical procedure there are many deviations in the above said Right Hand Thumb Rule. Many clients who who don’t take appropriate amount of multivitamins for do not apply the advised serums, even after 8 to 10 years we find very less or almost no thinning in these cases. On the other hand in very young cases where we least expect the baldness to progress further there is sudden spurt of hair loss and medical support is definitely required in such cases. In my experience almost 65 to 70% of clients they do good even without medication after hair transplant provided the age is above 30 years. Rest of the clients they need support in form of multivitamin tablets and liquid theorems to be applied on the scalp regularly for indefinite period of time. First year after transplant is very crucial in terms of the future prediction regarding life of hair transplant. Cases which settle down within one to one and a half year of hair transplant and show no signs of hair loss do good even without medication. If there is hair fall tell one and half year after transplant then there are chances that some kind of medical support may be required for long time.

Q: What are the side effects of hair transplant ?

A: Normally in expert hands there are no Side Effects as such. But some cases may be allergic to the local anesthetic or the tumescence material which we inject during the process of hair transplant. Show proper evaluation of of every case before starting hair transplant is important regarding the allergic status of the the medicines being used during the process of hair transplant. If there is some kind of allergy to some antibiotics or any other medication then that history is of utmost importance to us. Some clients may have undergone some kind of minor or major surgery in the past Without any complication, in such cases we are confident regarding the allergic status of clients to the medications and drugs being used during the process of hair transplant. Clinics normally take due care before starting the procedure for allergic status of the medications being used. Presence of doctor during local anaesthesia which should be administered by doctor himself is a must. Because during first few pics of local anaesthetic experienced doctor makes out if something abnormal is it apparent. Second most important complication during hair transplant is, is abnormal blood loss during the process of extraction or slit making. If due to some reason someone has landed in inexperienced hands, there are chances of wrong depth and wrong size of 5 being used during the process this may lead to excessive blood loss during the extraction and the sleep making phase of plantation. In experienced hands selection of punches along with depth measurement it is strictly regulated so that the blood vessels lying deep under the skin are not hurt and the amount of bleeding remains under control. There are many cases of reported lost to life because of hair transplant only. Choice of clinic along with proper experience of doctor is must before concluding a hair transplant. Next there can be excessive scarring after hair transplant, again this can be attributed to very large size purchase and inexperienced person being doing the procedure.If a large drill or punch is used during the process of extraction there are chances that client mail and up in severe scarring of donor area. I have seen cases where exercise scarring has led to who keloid formation and a continuous discomfort and pain in the donor site of the clients. Hence choice of your doctor again is a very critical step to go ahead with hair transplant. Last but not the least the most unhappy ending of any hair transplant can be a bad result. Inexperienced technicians  doing their job well initially ,may not lead to a good density result. Sweet making density and direction of the transplanted hair is very critical I’m getting good results. This is step should be done by Dr himself and should not be let to the mercy of technicians. Finally although process was done results for satisfactory but after a year there is sudden hair fall and result almost vanishes. This is another scenario where although technicians or or inexperienced doctors may be able to deliver some kind of results but finally knowing the exact science of hair growth is very important. If your doctor is well aware regarding science of hair growth then definitely your result and life of your hair transplant is going to be much better as compared to an inexperienced clinic.

Q: Should oil be applied over the scalp ?

A: There is an age old tradition among st Indian Society of putting lot of oil on to the scalp. I would like to say that oil must be applied over the hair and not over the scalp. Now technically this would seem funny but yes this is the truth. In few people there may be excessive dryness of scalp due to decreased secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands of the scalp, such cases the show excessive dryness of scalp and hair. You must have noticed nutritionally weak children begging over the streets who show excessive dryness of air and brownish tinge. In such cases if dryness is due to decreased intake of food then definitely once nutritional status is improved how we can see great improvement in the colour and texture of the hair. Normally we see such cases when someone is on very strict and unhealthy dieting plan. First step in such a scenario is improved the nutritional status of the person. If the hair extremely brittle and there is breakage the length of the hair then definitely applying oil will help up in trapping the moisture inside the hair structure and hence preventing its breakage. In a normal healthy individual whose taking nutritious diet there are very less chances of getting dryness on the length of hair. If additional oil is applied over the scalp Then extra oil leads to to excessive growth of epidermal fungus malessezia furfur. Excessive growth of fungus will lead to to acidic environment and decrease in pH of the scalp leading to obstruction in the normal growth cycle of  hair. Excessive itching and acidic environment of the scale leads to to excessive fall of club hair leading to telogen effluvium.

Second point is if some medication is being prescribed buy a doctor for some scalp condition except for xerosis or dryness of scalp, then oil application may lead to creation of a hydrophobic layer all over the scalp and hands inhibiting the penetration of the medicine being prescribed by the doctor.

So oil can be applied under some circumstances but it should not be a regular phenomena. Best oil to be applied over the scalp is coconut oil without perfume and without added mineral oils. One can apply oil in enough quantity at night and should be washed thoroughly the next morning with the gentle cleanser.

Q: Which shampoo is good and how many times a shampoo should be applied ?

A: A straight forward answer to this question is that shampoo is just meant for cleaning the the scalp and length of the hair any shampoo is good unless it is too alkaline or too acidic. Shampoo is just to take out extra oil from the scale and the dost which has accumulated over the scalp and the length of hair by virtue of of the the sebum layer which is present on the length of hair shafts. Shampoos which we see in advertisements We just have additional conditioning effect and perfumes at added. Otherwise any shampoo is good. PH of shampoo should be less than 7 but not less than 6. Means that shampoo should be mildly acidic and should never be on the alkaline side. As per my experience any no tears shampoo for baby shampoo is good for head cleaning.

Next comes what should be the frequency of head wash. Well as far as my experience and research is concerned. I advise shampooing twice a week. If there is lot of physical activity and sweating during the daytime activity one may rinse the head with plain water without applying any kind of shampoo. Application of lukewarm water is much beneficial as compared to cold water to clear off scalp sebum and oil without application of shampoo.

Q: Does Junk food effect hair health in any way ?

A: This is a situation which we encounter almost daily in a scenario where mothers come with their young kids and complain of sudden hair fall along with lot of  seborrhea or dandruff on the scalp. Let me explain scientifically how fast food may affect your skin and hair growth. When we talk of first foods we talk generally of high sugars in form of either cold drinks sweetened beverages juices with added preservatives items made of refined flour like burgers pizzas and like items. When there is sudden Rush of glucose in the blood due to intake of such items there is lot of secretion of insulin hormone in the blood. This leads to you are delayed increase in the blood level of glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are are responsible for excessive oil secretion from the skin and scalp as well leading to to acne prone skin in and dandruff all over the scalp. As explained earlier increase the level of sebum leads to increase level of dandruff and decrease the scalp PH leading to increased hair fall. So it’s better to consume junk food not at all or limited to minimum.

Q: Gym or body building leads to hair loss ?

A: Gym training for bodybuilding leads to muscle growth by virtue of extensive muscular workout. Muscular workout can neither be isometric or can be iso tonic. While doing isometric exercises there is increase in weight applied To the the muscle at same length. With isometric exercises there is abrupt increase in muscle size due to Intense muscle breakdown. When there is muscle rebuilding there are increased level of growth hormones in the blood. Increased growth hormone levels leads to increase in testosterone and hence dihydrotestosterone levels in the blood. Increased level of dihydrotestosterone leads to increased inflammation at the level of hair roots leading to destruction of existing blood vessels and leading to miniaturization of a normal terminal hair. Once hair is thinned out, it event leads to vellus hair. Vellus hair ultimately she is to grow and leads to baldness. So whenever there is genetic predisposition for baldness that is male pattern baldness, one needs to consult trichologist so that a proper diet and testosterone balance in body is maintained. At one end testosterone is required for muscle building at the other end dihydrotestosterone leads to miniaturization of the terminal hair follicle leading to baldness .There needs to be a tuning between these two two opposing forces. Definitely if one is unaware of increased testosterone levels and its effect on the hair health, one is going to land up in cycle of miniaturization and thinning. 

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