Cost for hair transplant

Cost of hair transplant generally varies with when you factor out of which important are, area to be covered number of grafts required and age of the client.

On an average we need around 6000 to 6500 graft to cover a medium sized head on top area .

When number of grafts are less charges per follicular unit tend to be more as compared to when we do more number of grafts.

Number of grafts if there less than 1000 charges per graft  are approximately 30 rupees per graft

Between 1000 -2000 grafts charges per graft are approximately 25 rupees per graft

If number of grafts are between 2000 to 4000 then charges are 23 rupees per graft.

For more than 4000 grafts price per graft is around 20 rupees per graft.

There are festival and other discounts too for which you need to contact 987 23 89 444 5. Or drop an email at