Cost for hair transplant India Chandigarh

Cost for best hair transplant in India Chandigarh, is a very important consideration while taking a final decision for hair transplant. 

As compared to US,UK Canada, Australia hair transplant in India is much cheaper.

Cost of FUE hair transplant in India at Neograft Chandigarh will depend upon

Expertise of the doctor

It all depends upon overall experience in the field, total number of cases done by the doctor. General rule is that minimum experience of the surgeon should be 5 years and should have done more than 1500 cases at least.

Dr Nav Vikram is an ex pgi, and hold a very good international repute in field of hair transplant. He has operated upon more than 3000 clients till date.

Artistic skill of Dr Nav Vikram is visible in his results. Hairline design distribution and direction of grafts are decided by doctor Nav Vikram himself for each and every case. Natural results with a minimum number of grafts can be achieved only with artistic visualization of  hairline and intelligent distribution of grafts. Hair transplant is not merely taking out grafts and planting them upon a bald area, which sadly is being done with botched upon results coming up these days.

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Getting a hair transplant from an experienced surgeon is costly as compared to a newcomer in the learning phase.

Dedicated clinic: As we are dealing only with f u e hair transplant, our staff is well trained and fully oriented for fue hair transplant. our clinic staff is handpicked and have to undergo intense training before landing up in operation theatre and start helping/ assisting in hair transplant surgery. Neograft Chandigarh is a 10-year-old clinic with a very good successfully operated client database spread across the globe.

Only due to Intense training and overall healthy environment with financially and mentally satisfied staff we are able to deliver the best results year over year and have earned and international repute.

 When you start searching for hair transplant you come across many newcomers from different fields of medicine like general physicians, dentists and in some cases even technicians are running their own illegal clinics. So, you need to be very careful while choosing a good clinic for good results.

Maintaining a clinic and good quality experienced staff dedicated to hair transplant only, also makes transplant costly compared to a polyclinic.

Low price definitely is very luring but you may find yourself in big trouble later on when you don’t find satisfactory results and your donor area has also depleted.

 So, considering clinics based upon only a price tag can be very risky.

Hygiene and safety standards

As the hair transplant is a surgical procedure, we have to maintain very good hygiene levels. Regular fumigation, daily sanitation and proper disinfection of the entire clinic are mandatory to avoid any kind of cross-infection. Being a dedicated fue clinic we don’t operate any infected or general surgery case, this ensures zero chance of infection. Maintaining a clinic with these standards adds to the overall cost for surgery too.

Minimum graft damage rate during hair transplant: We use latest and most advanced fourth-generation fue hair transplant to minimize damage rate during transplant. Overall instruments and medications being used are all FDA approved. Our experienced staff ensures minimum transaction and desiccation rate of grafts. We do mega sessions of up to 7000 grafts only with fue in a single session. Single-day session being very convenient suits best to clients from New Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Punjab and rather the whole of India. As cost is less compared to the USA , U.K, Canada, Australia Neograft Chandigarh has become a favorite destination for international and N.R.I clients seeking a good quality FUE hair transplant.

The cost of hair transplant generally varies according to, area to be covered, the number of grafts required and age of the client.

On average we need around 6000 to 6500 grafts to cover a medium-sized head on the top area.

When the number of grafts is fewer, charges per follicular unit tends to be more as compared to when we do more grafts.

Number of grafts if there less than 1000 charges per graft  are approximately 30 rupees per graft

Between 1000 – 6000 grafts charges per graft are approximately 25 rupees per graft

For 100 percent natural hair line and 50 to 60 hair per sq cm. as in case of hair transplant for celebrity or camera facing models price may go up to 50 rupees per graft.

Practically we have to work between two boundaries i.e your imagination regarding density and between availability of graft. Fine tuning for realistic results needs an in clinic consultation and our evaluation of your donor area under microscope. 

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