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Swelling after hair transplant.

There is great concern about much hyped swelling after hair transplant.Let us understand why is there swelling after hair transplant.

Head skin or scalp lies over the skull bone. As we know that, any kind of injury leads to swelling . On other body parts swelling is not much visible because there is space with in tissues for swelling expansion. On scalp as there is bone beneath , there is no chance for sweeping to expand inside tissues. It has to expand outside. Hence some amount of swelling is very much normal after hair transplant. Usually this swelling disappears by day 6 . Hot fomentation helps to decrease swelling fast. There are few medicine s too which help in reducing swelling.

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Add ons to hair transplant.

Fue f you hair transplant no doubt is the latest technique and the best strategy till date to restore the Lost hair.

In addition to a fue hair transplant now we are considering scalp micropigmentation in addition to the follicular unit extraction and plantation scalp micropigmentation is a technique in which we make very miniaturized dots on the scalp so that the see through effect of the scalp does not bother much and education impression of a fuller and thicker Scalp.

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Cost of hair transplant chandigarh

Cost of hair transplant at our clinic depends upon few factors.

1. Area to be covered

2. Age

3.Previous transplant

4.any related problem

We do approx 5000 grafts in a day.

Average cost comes out to be 20 rupees per graft.

But can be less or more depending upon situations as listed above.

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Beard transplant

Beard transplant is required is required in cases where genetically beard hair are less in density or in some genetically destined cases it is altogether absent ( we see in some cases of chromosomal defects) .people who have genetically absent beard have very few hair on body but have good hair at inguinal and pubic region. In addition they are sexually alright. They have good scalp hair and there is very less tendency for these hair to fall. In any case even if beard is less or totally absent ,hair transplant is going to work.

For beard reconstruction we use some special instruments. As we are dealing with facial skin , we use refined titanium instruments so that there is no scarring after surgery.

Basic process is as follows

First we calculate a diameter of hair we need to transfer to beard. Than we take hair of that size from back of head. Donor area remains scalp in beard reformation. We only remain careful that the roots or grafts we take are of same size and are mostly having one or two hair per root. That gives a fine look to beard. We remain careful that direction of hair train as per face contour althrough.

In case of beard we start getting results around 4 months but full and final results may take around 1 year down the line.

In all this is a successful procedure and one should definitely opt for this procedure ,especially in North area where beard matters the most.

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Body hair transplant

When we choose chest arms legs pubic area beard ..I mean all areas except scalp ,we call it as body to head transfer of follicles @ bht. So bht is much pampered these days to promise good results. Or to augment results in certain select cases. I have been doing body to head transplant for almost five years now. In my experience body hair transplant is successful in cases where either the thickness of chest follicles is approx 20 microns in a standalone procedure or if the thickness is less , than it helps by addition of scalp follicles along with. Standalone body hair transplant to head is sparingly successful and should be under taken in certain select cases.

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How to get best results from hair transplant.

Fue hair transplant is very common these days. baldness due to genetic reason is progressive and eventually it progresses in a pattern to affect whole head. During transplant we are relocating the hair roots from an area where they are in plenty of numbers and relocated to bald area or area where these are fewer in number.

In people who have strong genetic inclination for baldness ,even after hair transplant there is a tendency for transplanted hair to go thin and eventually shedding.

In my opinion optimum level of multivitamins and local application sprays in form of bio peptides can help prolong the life and thickness of transplanted hair roots.

In addition avoidance of harsh chemical exposure like excessive chlorine content of supply water, sea water or high tds water in general can help keeping the hair follicles strong .

Minoxidil alone can be applied but eventually one develops some kind of resistance to it and hair starts getting weak.

So combination therapy is advisable.

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Hair transplant in younger age groups

When we do hair transplant in younger age groups following things are to be considered

Hair loss can start at any age but usually we find that hair loss below the age of 25 years is very much abnormal and advanced hair loss that is grade five or six is absolutely abnormal. Such clients are very thoroughly evaluated for their family history and if there is both paternal and maternal history of hair loss at an early age then such clients are not the right candidate for hair transplant . In such a situation we prefer to go in for Artificial coverage of scalp with the help of hair patch wig or laces.

Even if client is adamant for hair transplant then first condition we explain in years that there has to be a complete blockade of DHT receptors for at least one year and partial blockade of DHT receptors for at least 3 more years. If client agrees only when we go ahead with hair transplant. It is totally unethical to go for hair transplant at a very early age. I see many cases in my OPD where clients of the age of approximately 25 years have underwent massive full head hair transplant and landing up with hair fall again after a year.

So it is highly recommended that you choose a good experience to doctor who can guide you in the right direction for the purpose of hair transplant just going in with fancy advertisements you are going to lose your money and as well your precious follicles.

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Beard and moustache transplant

Friends when we talk about beard and moustache Transplant, then we are mainly referring to the clients who are  from north India .Because in this region there is a great trend of keeping beard and moustache.wether  less facial hair growth is due to genetic reason or in some cases die to diseases  like alopecia areata, it becomes very disgusting and a reason for low esteem at times for a person.

Advancement in techniques of hair transplant have allowed us to do hair transplant in beard and moustache area with very great accuracy I would like to say that nicely done beard and moustache transplant will mimic  the natural hair growth on this area and results are great. only difference in scalp hair transplant and beard and moustache hair transplant is that ,while in scalp we use a little bit course and large size punches while in beard and moustache ,we have to be very precise with the size of punches that is the size of punch should be almost around .0.6 millimetre internal diameter and siMilar should be the size of blade  with which we are making slits .Now as the skin of the face is very vascular so results are very promising in case of beard and moustache transplant .our experience in such cases is great once  the client selection is proper. we have constructed full face beard and moustache in many of our clients who were suffering from chromosome disorder where facial hair were absent since birth. Hair transplant helps in regaining in the confidence and natural masculine appearance.

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Hair transplant at old age

At old age,awhere we do transplant after the age of around 60 years there are again certain words of caution with transplant. in such cases skin is sometimes  very hard due  to ageing and it becomes very difficult to take out follicles. Depth of follicles also increases with age so we need to take long length punches to extract the follicles that eventually increases graft transaction.In such cases the whole procedure sometimes become very lengthy and we are not able  to extract the desired number of follicles.In such cases rather than  getting at adamant about doing the procedure in a single shift we can divide the procedure in 2 days.Also with age there are certain medical conditions which coexist with the clients like hypertension and diabetes so too much of stress in a single day can lead to some another complications so where is need to counsel such clients, that in case we are not able to extract the required number of grafts we can tell them that procedure may be done over two consecutive days. 

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Hair transplant at very young age 

Hi all its long.. I was away. Nyways in this post I’ll tell you about the dangers of getting transplant in very young age.

Well hair transplant can be done at age but there are words of caution. Aggressive hair loss at very early age I.e at 20 to 24 yrs signals very strong expression of male pattern gene.a thorough evaluation of gene expression should be done, considering family history especially from mother side.first attempt should be done at keeping the original hair intact by means of prp stem cells and various other treatments available with us.Once we are sure that hair fall has arrested,  other offending factors like deranged lab tests or any associated disease are taken care of.we should postpone the procedure till we are very sure of safe donor area. 

Second aspect is that at very young age expectations from the procedure are too much so there should be an extended and thorough consultation and one should be convinced for a limited cosmetic coverage rather than over all very thick density. Density gradient with heavy front and little low density in middle and crown area should be acceptable. 

Last point is that after hair transplant it should not be a hit and run sequence.. Means there should be an extended follow up for at least 2 years and a strict watch is required for hair fall.If there is hair fall instant and strong counter measures should be initiated.

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