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Beard transplant

Beard transplant is required is required in cases where genetically beard hair are less in density or in some genetically destined cases it is altogether absent ( we see in some cases of chromosomal defects) .people who have genetically absent beard have very few hair on body but have good hair at inguinal and pubic region. In addition they are sexually alright. They have good scalp hair and there is very less tendency for these hair to fall. In any case even if beard is less or totally absent ,hair transplant is going to work.

For beard reconstruction we use some special instruments. As we are dealing with facial skin , we use refined titanium instruments so that there is no scarring after surgery.

Basic process is as follows

First we calculate a diameter of hair we need to transfer to beard. Than we take hair of that size from back of head. Donor area remains scalp in beard reformation. We only remain careful that the roots or grafts we take are of same size and are mostly having one or two hair per root. That gives a fine look to beard. We remain careful that direction of hair train as per face contour althrough.

In case of beard we start getting results around 4 months but full and final results may take around 1 year down the line.

In all this is a successful procedure and one should definitely opt for this procedure ,especially in North area where beard matters the most.

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